Hypnotically Speaking

Are you ready to create your new life through the use of self-hypnosis? If you have been following this column you have a better understanding of what hypnosis is, how the conscious and subconscious mind communicate, the mental image you have of yourself, and what your own personal power is.

Through this process you’re changing from the inside out. You’ve learned how to use your internal thoughts and feelings to influence the subconscious mind to move you in the direction of your good and your goal. This influences and dictates your external behaviors, and the external behaviors are what ultimately dictate your life.

Using self-hypnosis is going to depend greatly on you learning to be aware of how you feel, how your subconscious mind is communicating with your conscious mind moment to moment, and then deciding what you want, which is different than the all or nothing approach that is usually used. This is a learned skill similar to learning a new job or activity. Always coming from the perspective of your new self image, or how you want to see yourself.

While learning to practice self-hypnosis you are becoming consciously competent. With repetition, (the subconscious mind loves repetition), you become unconsciously competent. Which means your new behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs become automatic and strengthen each moment.

The first thing to do is to decide what and how you want to change. So many times we are taught that change happens slowly, a little bit at a time. The truth is real significant change happens instantly, changing every part of that person in some way. Example: Think about a defining moment in your life, a time when things instantly changed, a time when an event forced you to reorganize your entire world; your beliefs, values, etc. Most commonly these things are births, deaths, graduations, major accidents, big accomplishments, etc.

You may notice how your thinking changed instantly and permanently after these events. Remember what change feels like, and the different thoughts and awareness you have.

The golden rule for any significant change is to “focus on what you DO want vs. what you don’t want.” Adopt the 90/10% rule, spend 10% of the time being aware of a problem and 90% on the solution, becoming solution oriented, and your life will change. The conscious mind always has choice.

Let’s say you are in a situation where your choices of reaction are nervousness or confidence. Commonly people will ask themselves “Why do I get so nervous all the time?” By focusing on being nervous they allow the “nervous part” of themselves to gain more momentum and become a bigger part of their personality. Alternatively, the question to ask is, “How can I feel more confident?” This question inspires the “confident part” of themselves to focus on finding their confidence. Both the “nervous part” of them, and the “confident part” of them, lives within the subconscious mind. Again, the subconscious mind will always act out and act toward our most dominate thoughts and feelings. If we focus our thoughts and feelings toward what we want it will move us in that direction.

Play with the 90/10% rule and watch what happens. When working with my clients I always help them to decide what they want, and give them positive suggestion toward their goal. With a recording of our hypnosis session they listen to daily, they automatically focus in a positive direction on a daily basis. Through repetition they create new realities easily and comfortably.

Have a beautiful week!


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