USDA Forest Service stands ready to respond to wildfire, will you stand with us?

Wildfire Awareness Week is March 28 to April 3

USDA Forest Service and its tribal, state, and local partners are taking steps to reduce the risk of wildfires, keep communities safe and landscapes resilient.  While land management agencies prepare for wildfires throughout the year, Wildfire Awareness Week is a reminder for homeowners to prepare year-round and take this time to reduce flammable material around homes and communities before a fire occurs.

Dale Deiter, Prescott National Forest Supervisor said, “We all have a role to play in fire prevention and homeowners can contribute to this effort by reducing flammable material around homes and communities. This can help keep the public, firefighters and property safe in the event of a wildfire.”

Creating a buffer between homes and trees, shrubs, or other wildland areas is essential to improving a home’s chance of surviving a wildfire. Not only does this space help slow or stop wildfire spread, it also provides a safe place for firefighters to work.

Learn about your wildfire risk from your local fire or forestry department. Talk to your neighbors and share information about being prepared. Remember that wildfires have no boundaries and that embers can fly far ahead of the main fire igniting dried out debris. The less burnable material around your house and around your neighbor’s house, the better. Firewise is a good source to learn about preventative measures you can take now before a wildfire starts:

Federal agencies, tribal, state and local partners stand together, ready to respond safely and effectively to wildland fire to protect our communities and natural resources. Will you stand with us and be prepared before a wildfire starts?

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