Opinion: How to Cancel Fun, Happiness, Safety and Contentment

With the leftists in power, with every group of malcontents claiming victimhood, with the counter culture trying to demolish anyone and everyone who disagrees with their stilted view of the world, we are in for a bumpy ride. That is, until these radicals destroy themselves, as they ultimately will. Al Franken, the former Senator from Minnesota, may have been their first sacrifice. Some of the biggest Democrat money raisers and sympathizers like Harvey Weinstein have bitten the dust when some women finally came forward. It is hardly surprising that such men would try and hide their perversions by making politicians beholden to them.

The bigger problem is that the “cancel culture” is trying to erase anything positive about our country’s history, while accentuating every negative aspect. They want to cancel all concepts that might make our people question their orthodoxy. On the other hand, these ultra conformists do want us to challenge things that make us happy, content and enjoyable. They will point to dysfunctional families, and with dystopian, leftist logic, determine that society needs to eliminate the nuclear family. The fact that most individuals find joy, fulfillment and contentment in their families has no effect on their thinking.

These “cancelers” and the media will put a laser focus on any alleged police brutality or misconduct so that they can push their agenda of defunding or in some cases even eliminating the police. The main effect of this would be a huge rise in crime. Active law enforcement officers would be afraid to do their jobs for fear that any and everything they did would be questioned, vilified and prosecuted without any justification. The ultimate effect would be chaos and anarchy. Our safety would then have been canceled. There can be no contentment without safety, so that will be eliminated, too.

Living in a society that lacked family, safety and security would be bad enough, but the left isn’t satisfied by extracting just those out of every day life. Even with those normally fulfilling things gone from our existence, there might be a spark of delight or pleasure that we could find.

The buzz killers on the left couldn’t allow even an ember of light to intercede on the antiseptic, oppressive lives they want us to live. That ember might ignite a memory of the freedom we once enjoyed so they must snuff it out.

At first the killjoys on the left forced companies to changed their names because the names and/or the pictures on their products were deemed “racist” by the cancelers. Aunt Jemima becomes the Pearl Milling Company. Uncle Ben Rice becomes “Ben’s Original” and the pictures of the two icons are removed from the packaging. Using “systemic racism” as the reason, the Washington Redskins become the Washington Football team and my own Cal-State Long Beach Forty Niners have changed their names to the Sharks. (How Forty Niners were a symbol of racism must take some convoluted reasoning, and they won’t get any money from this Alum until they change their name back.)

These leftist cultural tyrants have now passed over from the asinine to the idiotic. In imitation of their fascist roots, they are trying, successfully in many instances, to remove books that actually expose wrongs of the past, like Huck Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird and other books. It took a real stretch, but some virtue signaling, hypersensitive crybabies, found several of Dr. Seuss’s books objectionable. These literary despots apparently think that these books contain words, phrases or ideas that might hurt someone’s feeling or are racist, homophobic, misogynist or otherwise offensive. Who made them the arbiters and oppressors of free speech?

Now the left has moved from the idiotic to the ridiculous. Mr. Potato Head, the radical censors declare, should be gender neutral. Pepe Le Pew is nixed from a new Looney Tunes movie because some dingbat reporter said that Pepe “added to the rape culture”. Disney is removing Dumbo, The Aristocats, and God knows what else from their catalogs because they offend someone, somewhere. One can predict that eventually the Roadrunner cartoons will be canceled when some “victim” will complain that the Roadrunner represents white supremacists and the Coyote represents all oppressed minorities.

The point is that no matter what an individual, group or company says, writes, produces or broadcasts, someone, somewhere will be offended. That is all the radical, leftist, victim hustlers need to go after and apply their canceling magic.

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