Governor Ducey Signs Responsible Criminal Justice Reform Legislation, Expands Opportunities

Governor Doug Ducey today signed three bills as part of responsible criminal justice policy in Arizona, ensuring Arizona continues to focus on public safety, while taking a responsible approach to sentencing reform and expanding opportunities for offenders after serving their time.

The bills signed today include:

  • HB 2318 – sentencing; repetitive offenders

  • HB 2319 – license denial; prohibition; drug convictions

  • HB 2166 – criminal justice commission; data collection

“We are committed to protecting Arizona families and our communities,” said Governor Ducey. “I’m proud to sign legislation that prioritizes the safety of Arizonans, while strengthening our prison system and supporting those who served their time. My thanks to Representatives Toma and Blackman for leading on these pieces of legislation.

HB 2318 will give prosecutors and judges more flexibility to ensure that first time offenders don’t receive sentences that are disproportionately high.

Under HB 2319, state agencies cannot deny a regular or provisional occupational license to an otherwise qualified applicant who has been convicted of a drug offense, with exceptions for teacher certifications and health profession regulatory boards.

HB 2318 and HB 2319 were sponsored by Representative Ben Toma.

“Those who break the law need to be held accountable, but we can help them rebuild and move forward after their sentence,” said Representative Toma. “House Bills 2318 and 2319 help ensure offenders don’t serve unnecessarily long sentences and have the opportunity to build a career after serving time. Thank you, Governor Ducey, for your support.”

HB 2166 directs a state or local criminal justice agency to submit any necessary information that is currently collected and readily reportable to the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission. The Commission will conduct a comprehensive survey of data from criminal justice agencies to create a state criminal justice data inventory report identifying what data is housed at each type of agency. This establishes a repository from criminal justice agencies statewide to provide transparent Arizona information to better inform state policy.

The legislation was sponsored by Representative Walt Blackman.

“It’s important that local leaders and law enforcement professionals are up-to-date on data related to criminal activity,” said Representative Blackman. “This legislation will ensure we have the latest information readily available so policies can be reviewed and we can see what’s working well. My thanks to Governor Ducey and everyone who supported this legislation.”

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