Which eCommerce niches are on the rise?

The ongoing pandemic has affected almost every single aspect of our lives; the way we work, eat, exercise, shop, etc. Some businesses are struggling to exist, while others saw an opportunity to rise. For example, it’s noticeable how online shops taking over the market, and blockchain-based eCommerce platforms represent a new step in eCommerce’s evolution. If you’re thinking about starting up an online store (or upgrading your current one), you should get familiar with eCommerce niches that are on the rise to get the best out of it. 

First of all, eCommerce niches are smaller and more specific subcategories of a larger market. They target particular buyers, so they appeal to a much smaller audience. You might also conclude that their profits are smaller too, but think again. Since they target smaller, more specific audiences, they also have less competition; hence, they save money from advertising. Also, being in a niche means that you’re selling something extraordinary and unique, and people love these categories; therefore, you can charge your products more. Lastly, because you have fewer customers, you’ll be more responsive in communicating with them, resulting in a better and more loyal relationship with them. So without further adieu, let’s see which eCommerce niches are rising: 

  • Home Fitness and Gym Equipment

Stores almost sold out home fitness equipment at the beginning of lockdowns last year. Even though gyms are beginning to reopen globally, some people still feel like going to the gym is too much of a health risk. Therefore, selling yoga mats, dumbbells, resistance bands, treadmills, etc., is an excellent choice these days. If you’re a fitness enthusiast yourself, you can also sell personal workout plans (including videos, schedules, or live training). 

  • Cooking Equipment and Groceries

As we all know, delivery service is on the rise. People are unable (or unwilling) to dine out, so they’re beginning to turn to home cooking for the sake of safety and savings. With that in mind, online groceries and kitchen equipment stores won’t run out of business any time soon. Because people cannot get out of the house to buy food essentials, they’ll find bread machines truly helpful. Once again, you can sell cooking tutorials for specific groups of people (like vegan or dairy-free).

  • Entertainment 

Soon into the lockdowns, people found themselves being bored due to more free time. No matter the age, people started seeking home entertainment. Industries that sell video games and board games witnessed a vast increase in their sales. And, because most children are homeschooled, parents need to keep them entertained at home.

  • DIY kits

While spending most of their time in the house, people begin to notice things that could be improved. So, they require DIY equipment to do minor corrections and improvements around the house. Think about ready to assemble furniture or gardening essentials.

  • Personal Care and Hygiene Products

Fortunately, the pandemic taught more people to be hygienic. We wash our hands innumerable times a day and use hand sanitizers in between. Well, no surprise, but the sales of hand sanitizers have increased dramatically during last year, following this one. On the other hand, people are sometimes unable to schedule their regular grooming because hair salons are either closed or have short working hours. Therefore, many of us turned to purchase personal care and grooming products. These may include hair clippers, scissors, and when it comes to ladies – wax and sugar paste. You name it; people probably need it.