Opinion: Fools on Parade

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As Gregory Hood points out, “Feelings don’t care about facts.” For many leftists, this week’s shooting in Atlanta is further proof that racist white men are running riot. This dovetails neatly with the recent claims that “white supremacy” caused a spike in “hate crimes” against Asians. As Jared Taylor noted in a recent video, these crimes are mostly committed by blacks.

Steve Sailer explained the situation: “Black-on-Asian street violence has been a standard feature of urban America for decades. To the extent it’s higher in 2021 (which I don’t know for sure), it’s likely because black violence against everybody (especially other blacks) has surged during BLM’s Racial Reckoning.” Still, many people want America to believe that the rampage of a guilt-ridden john and the brutality of  West Coast blacks are part of an insidious trend: white supremacist violence against Asians.

Now, instead of pushing for law and order or a crackdown on sleazy “massage parlors,” leftists are protesting against the all powerful force known as “racism.”

The website “RefuseFascism.org,” advertised on several of the signs at this protest, is a project of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, an organization that admires Mao Zedong, who may have been responsible for more deaths of Asians than any other man in history.

(Credit Image: © John Arthur Brown/ZUMA Wire)

There were similar protests in major cities last month, such as this one in New York City:

February 20, 2021: More than 200 people gathered on Washington Square Park to rally in support Asian community, against hate crime and white nationalism. Rally was organized by loosely decentralized movements of ANTIFA (anti-fascist) and Abolitionist Community. (Credit Image: © Lev Radin/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire)

Journalist Glenn Greenwald described the situation: (via Twitter)

[Quoting] Ibram X. Kendi
Mar 17
Locking arms with Asian Americans facing this lethal wave of anti-Asian terror. Their struggle is my struggle. Our struggle is against racism and White supremacist domestic terror. 

Meanwhile, President Biden had the American flag lowered to half-mast to honor the eight murder victims in Atlanta.

There was a record increase in murders last year, and 2021 may be even bloodier. How many other victims will get the same honor?

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