Arizona Today: Arizona’s Forensic Audit Update

Dr. Rapacki updates viewers on the status of Arizona State Senate’s audit of Maricopa County ballots. An “outside” forensic audit team is being retained, and procedures are being established to ensure the accuracy and transparency of the recount.

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29 thoughts on “Arizona Today: Arizona’s Forensic Audit Update”

  1. Thank you, Dr. Lyle (and helpers) for your enormous hard work on behalf of the people!

    Question: Regarding “adjudicated” ballots and their disposition. Will the originals be included in a forensic audit?

    I am concerned about the enormous percentage of ballots that were allegedly sent to “adjudication” by Dominion voting machines [for example in Antrim County, MI, or Fulton County, GA which both had enormous percentages of such ballots] and therefore “voted” by adjudicators who essentially create new ballots to replace those the machine allegedly couldn’t read. Millions of Americans have seen a video from Georgia where a worker explains how easily she can change votes during this process, either individually or en-mass, such as applying changes globally to an entire folder of votes. As I understand it, the “fixed or adjudicated” ballots are actually newly printed ballots [or at least ballots with newly-generated QR codes], to placed into the general pile as THE VOTE. But what did those original ballots actually say???

    All original ballots that were sent to “adjudication,” and set aside in lieu of the new “fixed” ballots, should be subpoenaed, if this has not been done already. Many of us are concerned that Senate has not done so, and that ballots set-aside after adjudication will be destroyed if, in fact, that has not already taken place. Supposedly the law only requires their retention for six months, as opposed to a much longer period of retention for ballots that made it into the official count.

    If some 12% of the total ballots were sent to adjudication in Maricopa County [as some have reported], that is hundreds of times above above what is allowable for these machines to be certified. That would be a violation of election regulations, and should raise a HUGE RED FLAG as to why this happened. To not examine adjudicated ballots that were set aside is to potentially hide the greatest forensic evidence of fraud.

    Were certain ballots, for instance, deliberately printed askew so that the machines would kick them into adjudication? If subpoenaed, will we discover that those rejected ballots cannot, in fact, be produced, because they have already been destroyed by bad actors?

    1. Can or can we not (IMPEACH BIDEN) Or can only Demacrats have that right. Have the Americaian people just Quit Caring about this country

      1. An effective impeachment should begin with Democrats. Plenty of border state Democrats angry about the Biden response to the invasion. Catch 25% of the Democrats bringingi an impeachment and the Republicans will pile on and oust the poser in chief crook.

  2. Dr Rapacki
    I am a American Citizen living in Canada because of the out sourcing of California jobs to China ten years ago.

    I rely on your reports to see that The people are having our concerns addressed. Please report on a set schedule so the world can see you are not being canceled and we can hear how to be helpful. I suggest every three days.

    I believe you program will be needed in the future to help guide us to a trusted future.

    Thank you with all my heart. Anthony Criqui

  3. Thanks for the update! we appreciate all the hard work and the stress that you are going thru Dr Rapacki ! Also thank you to all the other nameless helpers that are helping on these issues. I find your Arizona Today segments very informative because I cannot get straight information for any other source right now.

    Thank you so much!

  4. I do hope that the forensic audit goes well and any loopholes and outright fraud is exposed and is dealt with. I would also like to see the legislature adopt a model voting standard that could be the model for other states to adopt .
    One thing I have not seen suggested is that the legislature should insert language that delineates WHO HAS STANDING in the case of contested elections or procedures. Most of the courts who rejected hearing cases did so on the basis of “standing”. Standing is an ambiguous term that has little meaning except as a legal term for a court to abrogate it’s responsibility.
    Therefore the legislature needs to define who has standing in the case of election disputes. Who is it ? Is it the candidates? Is it their party? Is it their constituents? Is it the individual citizens who will live under the rule of laws enacted or enforced by the candidates? Is it foreign countries who would prefer a particular candidate?
    We can’t let the courts skate out from under their responsibility to enforce laws they want to avoid.

  5. Thank you Mr. Rapacki and the AZ Senate for your efforts in the search for the truth and transparency in the Nov 2020 election. Every state in the union should be doing this after every election in an effort to improve the voting process, weed out any fraud and make every legitimate vote count. Your path is that of an icebreaker ship. Lead with honesty and have the other 49 states follow.

  6. Professor David Clements, New Mexico State University, stated, when researching Arizona voter laws, he found a recent addition which stated irregular ballots are to be kept six months after an election. Clements takes that to mean they can be destroyed after six months. He found no definition of “irregular” in further Arizona research. He feels adjudicated ballots could be placed under the irregular category and destroyed. Adjudicated ballots is a key area of concern in a forensic audit. He recognizes judge ordered ALL ballots but feels this could be the gap to allow destruction of evidence. He stated law section is arz 16-624 or 15-624. Please contact him. There is only 45 days before ballots can be destroyed legally. Perhaps you can contact Karen Fann or someone. They feel they have got the ballots protected but they have not. This is important to Arizona as well as U. S. overall.

    1. Philip Carlson TX

      Good point to get cleared up.
      I am not a lawyer, but have heard that destroying any records, in a national election, before 22 months would violate federal law.
      However if they stole the election, they would not care about that.

      1. Arizona law changed that just before election. States have many superseding rights under voting laws. Also If “irregular” (including adjudicated votes?) then the ballot could be construed to not be federal. Whatever they would be destroyed. If legal or not would be in courts for years or until a left leaning judge ruled mute. I feel why not close the gap. It is so important.

  7. Claude Armstrong


    From 1st following a link to you, Dr. RAPACKI, it’s been harrowing to say the least and seeing the barn fire, shredded ballots, and game playing by crooked election officials in just one county, plus watching other election crime investigations going solo and facing massive opposition, I’ve found fast growing interest for forming a 50,000,000 honest voter force to stand with elected law enforcement in every county. I am passing this idea here as a thought, because it must not be led by anyone but Creator to insure integrity.

    I am thankful the President quietly stepped aside to allow evil to raise its gruesome head and expose what the President worked so diligently to end. Winning wars often requires retreat from battles.

    There are key forensics players that we see on these election crime inquiry presentations, but with only public information they may well be improper for a given part of the audit. I agree, let the AZ legislature form the most suitable team.

    Now, We, the People ARE our government not some group of people claiming they are the U.S. government.

    Our nation is dedicated to Creator, not some body of people. Creator is possessive of His property. He is not about to walk away from His America, even as evil loudly claims there is no Creator.

    The task We, the People have is the most basic, simple, and fearsome…

    Gather all the armor of Truth about us stand together, and trust our Creator to perform His eradicating ours and His enemies off His land.

    Yes, “His Land.”

    Native Americans have it right! This land belongs to Creator, NOT people He paces upon it. This land is sacred land, sacred property of its Creator. Lest enemies of Truth continue to prevail in perverting this sacred ground, and claim power over Truth, Creator is obligated to ending their reign of terror.

    Be encouraged. Be blessed as persecution for obeying Truth draws dirt flies from the dung of deceit.

    Dr. Rapacki, and team…
    Thank you

  8. Philip Carlson TX

    Dr. Lyle

    I thank you and all others working to expose the truth. I could list pages and pages of others and would miss pages and pages and pages and pages of others, in many states.
    I am praying, without ceasing for all, to succeed.

    Pray they are going to do more than count.
    The person, who you did not name, I am guessing Pulitzer. I do not know him or you or Giuliani.
    I believe Giuliani, because I have known, of him for decades, never found out about any lies from him. So I believe it when he says there was election fraud. (not unconditional, needs to be evidence)
    People want Pulitzer, because they have seen his testimony and he make sense. He says he can find the evidence in the ballots. I do not know if he can or not, but he explains himself.
    If the senate chooses others, they should make better sense, and explain the process. The senate is not trusted, that is probably why, that girl, released that phone call, of Borrelli.
    Government has failed this country. Their is a lot of mistrust. People will not be silent any longer. That is how this mess came to be, not enough people speaking out, over decades.
    The evidence must be properly gathered. Then exposed ASAP. For court if possible. Even the SCOTUS is not trusted. Maybe the Court of Public is all that there is.
    “Not about overturning the election”. Correct, it is about finding the truth. First things first. First find the truth. Then the people can figure out what to do with it.

  9. Patricia Kottke

    It sounds like there will be 100 counters doing the job. How will that be different from previous audits. I thought this was going to be a forensic scan of the ballots to verify their legitimacy – have they actually come through the mail, were they mass printed, etc.
    Kinematic process needed. Nothing conspiratorial about people asking for that. That is the only thing which will make this audit different and authentic.

  10. Jeremy Davis from Texas

    Dr. Lyle and all Constitutional Americans who read this:

    You don’t know me and I have only known you(Dr. Lyle) for the last 20 some odd minutes of watching your candidly informal reporting on your Arizona Today broadcast.

    I too am a Constitutional American and believe whole heartedly that the principles that make this nation great, one governed “by the people…for the people” and one that souls the world over can look to as a beacon of truth seekers and “ true neighbors” is indeed under attack.
    As I and my wife were paying the deductible today for my knee surgery(just a scope)yesterday morning, our conversation turned to how nice it was of Biden to pay for this procedure with “his” stimulus check . Then a sinking feeling hit me and before I could stop myself in the waiting room I blurted out “He’s not paying squat diddly doo… it’ll be our four kids and their kids and their kids… not Biden! He’ll be dead and gone long before that debt is paid and my family will suffer because of his decisions for decades if not hundreds of years…” talk about a disturbing thought!

    Perhaps that’s part of why I’m wide awake at 4:14 a.m. writing this morning(could also be effects the previous days anesthesia during my surgery).
    Then a somewhat satirical thought came to mind… wouldn’t it be funny and down right appropriate for Biden’s stimulus plan to bring light and truth back to America?

    When my wife and I have our morning coffee we’ll be discussing how to share some of (Biden’s Stimulus) with Arizona Today and encourage the forensic recount of the Arizona vote. May God bless those who seek truth, justice and freedom in America!

    The Davis Family

  11. Sorry to say the machines have been compromised by allowing the crooked board of supervisors to do an audit using Dominion sub contractors . Now more than ever Arizona has to get a pro to Audit the machines Pulitzer I think is the name I keep hearing. NH has already in just 3 weeks have pick several Auditors including Pulitzer, why is Fann taking so long to put an A team together to do the audit ? More suspicious behavior going on in Arizona. People must fight back stand up for the truth call your senators call your reps demand transparency and honesty remove the crooked politicians save America.

  12. It’s not as complicated as they are making it . Jovan Pulitzer ? Think this is the guy Arizona must include in the audit

  13. Dr Lyle as a quality auditor and ISO 9000 quality process auditor, the audit needs to be done in the facility where the election was held. The facility is a possible issue of security which is s a key attribute for an election. To move it to another facility will bring the results into question. It needs to be treated like a crime scene since many things about the facility are in question as well. Maybe just a ballot count but the ballots themselves need to be examined not just counted. Are the machines connected in a way that they can be controlled externally.
    Keep up the effort and the program – I appreciate your tenacity that is so important to be patient but press on . I am praying for you; I wish I could help in some way. Law Prof David Clements has reviewed the legal cases and he might be a resource for your program. Most of the rejections were for process issues. Some that was caused by Trump not being able to retain election specialty lawyers because they were threatened as to their business is they took his cases. So they had to do the best they could and that led to some of the rejections.

    1. Philip Carlson TX

      Right on Jim.
      It should be treated as a CRIME SCENE. If the ballots were $2,100,000 (dollars) and there is suspicion that a good amount of those dollars are counterfeit, counting them will ad up to 2.1 million but will not identify the counterfeit bills.

      The bills and the ballots, need to be examined by a nonpartisan, non-biased machine that can identify the counterfeit bills and ballots. That is the machine Pulitzer says he has.
      If there is a better machine, please let us know.

  14. Thank you for the update. Also, thank you for your continued work. Please do a complete forensic audit of ALL the ballots, ALL the ballot images, and ALL the voting machines. I hope everything will go smoothly in the forensic audit. Please keep us all updated. Again, thank you for the update.

  15. I’m a statistics major. I trade stocks for a living by finding patterns. Yes, I’m REALLY good at math. I have collected data showing voting patterns among voters in the same demographic are different in the specific counties that are in question during the 2020 presidential election compared to counties in states where the presidential outcome is a foregone conclusion.

    For example, African-American males over 30 voted differently in Detroit, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Phoenix compared with how they voted in Chicago, Tampa, Baltimore and Los Angeles. Why do you suppose that is?? The answer is, it didn’t really happen that way. Those voting patterns should be very similar within 0.2 standard deviations. The outcome we are being fed is a statistical impossibility, period.

    This data needs to come out and be forensically examined. This election outcome is fraudulent.

    Steve in Florida

  16. Sabotoge, subversion and subterfuge have been afoot since before November 3rd. It will continue until this audit is squashed and buried. I sure hope this audit ís a full transparent audit of the original ballots and not just a hand recount of the adjudicated ballots. I hope this is all open, transparent and reviewable at the end of the day. Thanks for the hard work and effort to this day. If the senate doesn’t use Jovan Pulitzer, I sure hope they have very sound and non-political reasons for doing so and can still come to sound audit findings. I’d really like have more, shorter updates.

  17. There is a darker side to this election fraud no one seems to be talking about. It started 4 years ago when main stream media and social networking joined up with the Democrat Party to influence people and create narratives. We watched as an American President was ridiculed and criticized; under reported accomplishments, over reported mishaps, reporting only things controlled by the Democrat party. Censoring opposing opinions. It is illegal for a government to control a one sided narrative. When the fraud was complete, we watched as conservative voices were completely censored. We started a petition for a Federal Tort on our website. and have a 2 year window to file. As agents of the Democrat Party – MSM and big tech lose their protection under freedom of the press and 230 stipulations. Although the government enjoys sovereign immunity and is protected as they are in possession of the people’s property. These agents do not qualify. Their property belongs to private entities, and is subject to damages. The theft at the ballot box was just the finale of a four year campaign. Although we know there is evidence of election fraud, not just in Arizona but nationwide. What we can prove is the evidence of censorship, prior to and long before they created the narrative of hate speech. Thank you for all Arizona is working on. Please look into approaching this from all directions. We need to hold agents accountable so they do not believe they can circumvent the rule of law. Please log into our website. We are all in this together.

  18. Will the machines themselves be audited?. The election integrity committee in one Georgia county did a machine to machine forensic audit and proved without doubt, how and when the multiple layers of fraud occurred. This is extremely important in preserving the entirety of the scope of any findings. The ballots alone will not be sufficient to hold any office or official accountable since it is only 1/2 of the suspected issue. It will also lead to only partial measures of future security if fraud is found.
    Thank you, the AZ Senate and legislature, the multitude of volunteers and especially the people of AZ for standing for truth. The Nation and even parts of the world are looking to see how many doors get opened or closed from your efforts. You all are to be commended for taking this initiative.
    I will continue to pray for all of you and your efforts.

  19. Thank you EVERYONE who is involved with this. This could very well determine the outcome of our freedom and way of life. You are a good man. This is a lot more serious than most people think.

  20. Hello, thanks for your intelligent contribution and you obviously can understand the risks and fraud.
    I share exactly the same thoughts and I am of view that there was collusion arranged by GS and Co to have Poll chiefs in the Counties have a request and draft specification that was deliberately off line by 1mm or 2mm so that the machine involved ie Dominion would be set to take not more than 1mm out of alignment and this would make for 4% of total ballots jamb up and need to be remade by Poll Chief and then entered. The process would clearly provide for Biden to get many more votes with a tail wind from the Poll Managers that were interpreting the wishes of the voters with their own degree of fraud and mischief.

    If this is correct and I am confident that it will be proved then there is clear evidence of major major fraud and this would have been arranged prior to the election and was a number of twists and turns to make sure that the outcome was loaded in favour of a certain outcome. That is why they were so confident.
    It is important that the USA stamp out this practice and put all of those involved in jail for ten years as we will otherwise cave in to the reign of the antichrist long before the time is due.

    We have been praying for a legion of angels to be made available to USA to help the Christians and make the facts and truth known and not hidden by the leaders of corruption which includes the legal fraternity.
    God Bless We the People and Dr Rapacki and all who are working hard to expose treachery with trickery and treason.

    GPC New Zealand
    former City Manager MICMA

  21. You will never get this done. The ballots will mysteriously burn or be destroyed. The CIA, the FBI and the Chinese Govt. as well as the Democratic party have all colluded to tilt this election. The major media started in on this in 2016. Watch your back!


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