Hypnotically Speaking

We often worry about what others think of us. Do you ever stop to think about how you see yourself? Yes, I’m talking about the mental image you have of yourself, your self image. This is very important because it controls close to 100% of your behaviors. Very rarely will you do something that is not in line with the mental image you have of yourself.

For example: If you believe that you can’t lose weight, no matter what you do, it is very unlikely that you will truly commit to a weight loss plan, EVEN if you desperately want to be thin. If you believe you have no control over ice cream it is likely that you will eat it when it is around, EVEN if you hate being overweight. If you believe you will always be poor, it is very unlikely you will find opportunities to make lots of money, EVEN if you are a nervous wreck every time you get a bill. Hypnosis helps you change these old patterns of belief to re-design your self-image.

How did this self image come about? Did you sit down one day and design it? If you’re like most people, the answer is no. Your self image most likely came from two main sources.

The people around you: Think of the two most influential people in your life, and you will find that you have accepted at least some of their beliefs, weather they are useful or not.

The experiences that you’ve had: When you reflect on your life there are certain key experiences that have made you the person you are today.

Remember, our self images are more about the meaning we give to those experiences versus the result of those experiences.

My husband has five sisters. One time, at a family gathering, I remember sitting with all his sisters and listening while they reminisced about a certain experience in time when they were growing up. His youngest sister is 16 years younger than his oldest. I found it very interesting how each one of the girls had a different recollection of the event because they each perceived the experience differently. This is a prime example of how certain key experiences can effect the people involved differently.

Your mental image is so powerful because it literally controls what you perceive in the world around you. It works like this: when something is important to you, quite automatically you notice things related to it. Maybe you remember when you bought a new car and you began noticing the same car while you were on the road. The other cars just became part of traffic.

Your mind creates your reality, the choices you will consider and the solutions that you will even recognize are based on how your see yourself in the world.

It is important for me and my clients to get a sense of how they perceive themselves before they can begin to design their new reality. We all see ourselves differently depending on what rolls we we are playing in our lives. (I.e. Parent, Friend, Lover, Employer, Employee. Son/Daughter, Co-Worker. It’s fun to play around with recognizing how we perceive ourselves especially when we want to create change in our lives. Some global self-images are:

Weak – Powerful Lazy – Motivated

Fat – Thin Mean – Nice

Stupid – Smart Shy – Outgoing

Poor – Rich Nervous – Confident

Stressed – Relaxed Happy – Depressed

Loved – Unloved Good Enough – Not Good Enough

When you are ready to make a change in your life be aware of how you see yourself to begin with.

Consider hypnosis to help you be the person you are meant to be. We will give you positive suggestion and visualizations toward your good and your goal to re-design and create your new self-image. With repetition you can begin to change your beliefs about yourself while focusing on your new reality to support your decision to change.

Make it a beautiful day today!

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