Opinion: The Sheeping of Americans

In every government there is a need for order. Governments are supposed to protect the people they govern from anarchy, chaos, criminals, invasions and disease. In a free government, “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” those same people have the right to question those whom they have placed in power and the policies their leaders have put in place to maintain order and the public safety. This Corona virus Dampenic, has suppressed the basic inquisitiveness of Americans. Fear does that. Fear of the unknown is probably the most oppressive.

The analogy that comes closest to our present situation, is that of comparing people to sheep. I remember when I was growing up, my father told me that he didn’t think that the concentration camps and mass executions that happened in Europe, could have occurred here in the United States. Most Americans, he said, would not let themselves be loaded into railroad cars, like cattle being led to slaughter. Has the apprehension this pandemic caused, transformed us into sheep?

Sheep follow the shepherd without question. Our shepherds today are the so-called experts, leftist political leaders and most of the media. People ask questions and demand answers. While our shepherds are sure they know what is best for us, the people among us should demand answers before we blindly follow. Several questions need to be answered.

Why, for the first time in history, were healthy people required to be locked down or quarantined?

Why are we required to wear masks in restaurants until we are seated, but allowed to take them off once we are at our table? Can the virus only contaminate us when we are waiting or walking to be seated?

Who decided what jobs are essential? Why are essential jobs different in different states? Since many of the leaders in the federal and state governments don’t follow their own rules about attending gatherings, wearing masks, social distancing and opening businesses, why are the rest of us required to follow those rules?

Why has the lock down lasted so long in some states, (over a year), and other states are open or are opening up?

How many people have committed suicide, how many murders, how many spousal and child abuse cases have occurred, how much alcohol and drug abuse has occurred that can be attributed to lock downs? Is there a comparison in the number of deaths due to Covid and those caused by the lock down?

If children and young adults are the least susceptible to this virus, why are so many schools remaining closed?

If an individual is healthy and has no symptoms, why should he or she be required to wear a mask? If that individual weighs the risks of not wearing a mask against the extra stress that is put on his pulmonary and cardio systems by breathing into a mask, (let along how uncomfortable it makes one feel), why can’t he or she make that decision instead of some government official? If others fear those not wearing masks, they can “social distance” around them or self quarantine until they feel safe.

Fear of the virus has led us to become complacent about other infringements on our rights, common sense and logic. Who is pressing the myth that there are 72 or more sexes? Why are we not demanding that those who encourage or allow children to change their gender, be charged with child abuse? There are hundreds of other questions that need to be asked and answers demanded.

Because of our fear of a virus, we have allowed those who would be our shepherds, in the name of our health and safety, to lead to what we thought was a “greener pasture”. We closed down our society and the best economy we ever had. In that pasture, we were sheared. The biggest question of all is: will we follow those same shepherds down the ramp into the slaughtering pen?

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