March is Arizona Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Governor Doug Ducey has declared March as Arizona Problem Gambling Awareness Month to foster understanding and highlight resources for those who suffer from problem gambling. Anyone who gambles can develop problems – all ages, races and backgrounds. When gambling behavior interferes with finances, relationships and the workplace, a serious problem already exists.

The Arizona Department of Gaming – Division of Problem Gambling (DPG) is helping to raise awareness and share resources for problem gambling throughout the month of March by participating in the “Awareness + Action” campaign. In collaboration with the National Council on Problem Gambling, this campaign is about taking specific action and having conversations about problem gambling issues and directing people to the help they may need.

With an estimated 6-8 million U.S. adults reporting problems with gambling ranging from mild to severe each year, problem gambling can have serious negative consequences like financial ruin and loss of career and family.

Using the tagline #AwarenessPlusAction, Problem Gambling Awareness Month (#PGAM 2021) is designed to help raise awareness of the prevention, treatment and recovery services available for those adversely affected by gambling.

“With events like college basketball’s March Madness taking place throughout the month, those who may struggle with gambling have plenty of opportunities to relapse and cause financial harm,” said Elise Mikkelsen, DPG Manager. “We want Arizonans to be aware that problem gambling is a treatable disorder and subsidized treatment is available and can be accessed through DPG’s free, 24/7 confidential helpline.”

“Arizona Problem Gambling Awareness Month provides an opportunity to raise awareness and highlight the resources available to those who suffer from problem gambling,” said Ted Vogt, Director, ADG. “The good news is that help is available, and DPG is doing its part to make sure problem gambling resources are widely available and accessible to everyone throughout the state.”

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, DPG urges you to get help now by calling 1-800-NEXT-STEP
(1.800.639.8783), DPG’s confidential helpline or texting “NEXTSTEP” to 53342. DPG’s helpline provides confidentiality and connects callers with a master’s level counselor who can get them in touch with available resources, including statewide treatment providers who specialize in problem gambling. The helpline is available 24/7 to everyone facing a problem with gambling – individuals and affected family members, friends or co-workers. Learn more and access DPG resources:


About ADG
Established by the Arizona State Legislature in 1995, ADG is the state regulatory agency for tribal gaming, racing and pari-mutuel/simulcast wagering, and unarmed combat sports. ADG also provides and supports education, prevention and treatment programs for people and families affected by problem gambling through its Division of Problem Gambling and 24-hour confidential helpline, 1-800-NEXT-STEP.

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