The Prescott Elks Honor Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers

Each year, Elks Clubs across Arizona honor firefighters and law enforcement officers for their selfless heroism in protecting those they serve. This year, even more than in the past, we need to show those who run toward danger or into burning buildings, how much we appreciate the sacrifices they make to ensure our safety.  Prescott Elks Lodge #330 honored the following local firefighters and law officers:

Kayleen Malm has been a firefighter for Central Arizona Fire since August of 2016. She recently became a Paramedic and will be a future leader of this organization. No matter where she is, Kayleen displays a desire to help:

  • She is a “Big Sister” with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization.

  • Kayleen is a Family Liaison for the Firefighter Angel Foundation.

  • She has built multiple fitness plans for Central Fire personnel.

  • She is a Recruit Training Officer

  • Kayleen is always looking to share her knowledge and information with others

She exemplifies the values that make the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority a great organization.

Firefighter Brandon Scott is the recipient for the Prescott Fire Department. His Fire Chief describes Brandon as having a strong work ethic, commitment to his craft, a disciplined approach to training and reliability. Brandon oversees the Emergency Medical Services supply program and has taken it to the next level. He is a member of the group that reviews the electronic patient care report software, ImageTrend, for quality control improvement as well as reviewing EMS charts. Brandon has been a part of the recruit training academy every year since he was hired. His boss, Fire Chief Light, describes Brandon as “a model employee, a dedicated firefighter and a wonderful human being.”

Arizona Department of Public Safety – Highway Patrol Trooper Jasper Dampier was a police officer in Prescott Valley prior to joining the Highway Patrol. Trooper Dampier has a strong work ethic and has put an emphasis on the apprehension of impaired drivers. Last year Trooper Dampier made 1,320 violator stops which resulted in 88 arrests, 48 of which were for Driving Under the Influence. He wrote 616 hazardous citations, 182 non-hazardous citations, 61 restraint citations and assisted citizens 289 times.

  • Trooper Dampier was an acting supervisor

  • He was a member of the Mobile Field Force and the District 12 REACT team.

  • Trooper Dampier was nominated as Officer of the year by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

  • He has been in the Army Reserves for over 11years and is currently a Staff Sergeant in the 49th Military Police Reservists.

In addition to all of the above, Trooper Dampier participates in the Angel Tree program that assists families in need during the Christmas season.

Prescott Police Department’s recipient is Lead Police Officer Shean Hilton.

Lead Police Officer Hilton has been with Prescott PD since 2007.

  • In 2011, Officer Hilton became a member of the Traffic Safety Section

  • He became a phlebotomist and a Drug Recognition Expert, as well as a Certified Motor Officer.

  • In 2015, he transferred back to Patrol and became a Field Training Officer.

  • In 2019, Officer Hilton was selected to be the Training and Recruiting Coordinator for Prescott PD. In this era of increasing attacks on law enforcement, and defund the police rhetoric, this is an extremely tough job, but Officer Hilton has done an amazing job of filling vacancies with highly qualified and dedicated candidates.

  • He’s also one of the Department’s Public Information Officers and has done an outstanding job keeping the public informed during this trying Pandemic.

His Department describes him as an outstanding representative and states that he has earned the respect of his peers, the community and proven to be a great asset to the city of Prescott

The Prescott Valley Police Department recognizes Officer Branden Kelly as their distinguished officer. Brandon is an example for other officers. He is always early to work, works very hard at all times and never complains. Officer Kelly mentors newer officers on drug detection and investigation. Other officers seek him out when they need to locate a suspect or a person of interest. Sergeant Roberts states than Brandon has a good attitude and is a pleasure to work with and supervise. Officer Kelly is very proactive and finds any way he can to stay busy, with a passion for getting drugs off the streets. Because of his reputation regarding suspect apprehension, even criminals who know when he comes on shift, have made comments about having to go hide or leave because Branden is working.

Last year, Brandon made 129 arrests (35 drug arrests), over 350 traffic contacts, completed 4 SARA projects while assisting other officers with their projects. He conducted 6 briefing room training sessions and attended 30 community events.

Deputy Harry Shrum has been with the Sheriff’s office for 17 years. Deputy Shrum has impressed his supervisors by his work ethic and willingness to take on complex tasks. Last year, Deputy Shrum, while investigating a commercial and residential burglary, recognized the need for Evidence Technicians at the scene to collect possible fingerprints from the large crime scene. Approximately a month later, he received a match for the fingerprints. Deputy Shrum tracked down the suspect’s residence which turned out to be a chop shop and was able to recover several stolen vehicles, trailers and expensive tools. Continuing the investigation, he was able to arrest the primary suspect and others. After interrogating his main suspect, Deputy Shrum obtained a confession to several other crimes throughout the area.

As a Field Training Officer, Deputy Shrum has proven to be an effective teacher and mentor. He has helped mold most of the newer deputies into the outstanding law enforcement officers they are today.

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