Opinion: ARIZONA TODAY and Voting

Americans by nature are slow to anger, most forgiving, and historically have placed trust in elected officials.  My videocast show, ARIZONA TODAY, has demonstrated that very serious questions arose almost immediately during the last national election ballot counting.  From the close of the all day public hearing held in Phoenix, Arizona, the same legislative public hearing that Mayor Giuliana, Constitutional Attorney Jenna Ellis, Cyber and National Security Specialist Col. Phil Waldron testified, along with other subject-matter specialists and witnesses regarding severe voting ballot irregularities, the call went out by the public to seek a thorough investigation and audit of all ballots and equipment directly involved with the election in Maricopa County, Arizona.  Simply put, Maricopa County was chosen because it is the largest populated county in Arizona; although serious questions of like nature arose in Pima and Coconino Counties Arizona, too! 

My show was humbled to have Mayor Giuliani as a guest along with Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli and Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem, all sharing the absolute growing concerns in reference to voting integrity.  The pushback by the Maricopa County Supervisors has been alarming, absolutely pernicious, fraught with distortions and political obstacles deliberately put forward to delay, delay, and hopefully not even have a full and complete forensic audit of ballots and machines even after briefings wherein solid Prima Facie evidence was delivered showing more than Probable Cause exists to warrant a complete forensic audit.  The consistent response from Maricopa Supervisors has been a host of insults, falsehoods, political speak with inflammatory remarks, and simple out-and-out disrespect and non-compliance with the Constitutionally authorized body that can order such an audit and full review – The Arizona Senate. 

Citizens across Arizona (and America) are livid with public officials who have demonstrated placing their careers and resumes above that of serving WE THE PEOPLE.  Recalls against all the Maricopa County Supervisors were initiated and are moving ahead with determination and good speed.  ENOUGH!!  This is the cry beginning to be heard – not only in Arizona but across America.  Mentioned below are two letters that were submitted to Maricopa Supervisors, and then released publicly.  People have had enough, and elected officials still think this shouting will pass given enough time.  WRONG!  The thousands of letters I have received from across our country boldly state that Americans have moved past the slow to anger stage, and are now awakening to the reality of an election and country stolen from them in November 2020.  Read for yourself and decide…have YOU had enough?  Are you finished with public officials who have forgotten what it means (if they ever knew to begin with) to be a Servant Leader?

At least one poll-worker and one State Committeeman and a couple of others had the guts to come out and speak their minds!

LD19 PC Joseph Hobbs – I am so very disappointed Mr. Hickman – your credibility has been tarnished forever. Dammit. Shame on you Clint. I volunteered and was trained as a poll worker. I sat right next to Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5B networked machines and printers that you claim were NOT networked. I was a personal witness to conditions you claim did not exist in the 2020 election cycle. Many others have filed affidavits during the massive 11 hours Rudy Giuliani presented fraudulent act after fraudulent act that you seem unable to accept. An initial forensic audit concluded that 700,000 fraudulent votes must be deleted from Arizona’s bogus total – unless you can explain how dead people voted, how “ballots were received before they were mailed” or the rest of the 11 hours of Arizona voter fraud compiled by Giuliani November 30, 2020. This fraud must be reversed. The message by Keith Broadwater has been sent to some of your peers who also seem to be in denial. His message is so succinct I can agree with every word and thought. He is a proud fellow patriot. Thanks to your failures we now have a commie regime in place devastating our Constitution and Bill of Rights, grabbing our guns, raising our taxes and sending hundreds of billions of dollars to our commie enemies. Our children and grand-children will have no choice but to be good little commies and will never know the greatness of America- where our rights have been God given. Do you understand what you have done Clint- to all of us? Help us with this cause to clear our Arizona record and redeem yourself sir. Help us ASAP.

State Committeeman Larry Sorenson: I got a blast email from County Supervisor Cruchi saying that everything in the voting process was just wonderful. I called his office, since I am blocked from emailing anyone at azleg.gov, and left the message that ONLY the manual recount of vetted voters ballots and the inclusion of improperly rejected mail in ballots will provide the answers that we demand; something that he and any other rational individual knows very well. Only a grand jury will ever get to the bottom of this. So what do you think the chances are of our current State Attorney General agreeing to recommend empanelment of a GJ? I’ll tell you: none, it will never happen. I have filed a FOIA request for any correspondences related to my being blocked from contacting my elected representatives by email. I am also researching the ARS to see if there is any authority under which a constituents emails can be universally blocked. Stay tuned.

Keith Broadwater to Churci:  – I don’t know if I should say thanks for sending me this “story” about our election integrity and the security of our vote or not?? I’ll say no thanks. Do you and the other supervisors really expect me to believe that nearly every other down ballot republican won their race except President Trump and McSally?? Do you not know that Soros, Steyer and the other cabal of anti-American communist-globalists specifically targeted LD-20 to take out Rep. Kern, Rep. Bolick? Kern was the most constitutional Rep. in the House and had great support yet he lost. The same thing happened with Sinema and McSally in ’18. McSally was 25k votes ahead late in the evening with 97% of the precincts counted and when we woke up, she lost by 25k votes. Miraculously, 50k votes were found in the wee hours of the morning. You failed to oversee that election and you failed 2020 also. You, along with all the other battle ground states that allowed the election fraud, waited just long enough to allow the public to “kinda forget” about the greatest travesty to ever take place in American elections. Arizona failed to secure my vote just like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada. Being a precinct captain, precinct committeeman and one who has a team of “unknown” grassroots workers, just like me, I have searched for one person who believes the election was honest. I’ve yet to find that one. Yet you and the others still want to convince all of us it was fair and honest. Do you expect me to believe there were no vote dumps at any given time as has been proven in other states? We the People know this election was stolen from Us, not just the President. Do you find it curious that Texas, after an exhaustive investigation, refused to allow Dominion’s equipment in their state? Do you really think that senile basement biden, who won 264 counties less than his boss and puppet master obama, really received nearly 80 million votes when his boss got around 60 million. Where’s the common “horse” sense you were born with? It’s lost in the cover-up. That’s where it’s buried. Do you and the others really want us to think we lost when President Trump could draw 50k to a rally, have 100’s of miles of car rally’s, 1000’s of boats at rally’s, have the majority of the stadium at the Army – Navy game cheer for him and shout USA, USA along with all the other venues during the campaign where 100’s of thousands showed their support?? All this nationwide support and activity for President Trump while basement biden drew less than 100 at an event and couldn’t even read the teleprompter correctly.

Broadwater 2 :You must admit that the cyber-digital world has taken over and their knowledge on how to manipulate, steal and cheat has overwhelmed and taken by surprise all of us that have a true sense of moral and ethical responsibility to do what is right. You and all the others were caught off-guard by their superior (evil and demonic) intellect and you were unable to stop it and unwilling to search it out. Honesty, integrity, security, and the law were overtaken by the dorsey’s, zuckerberg’s, steyer’s, gate’s, bezo’s, soros’s etc. etc. of the one world government globalists all the while being cheered on by the never-Trumpers (really should be called Constitution haters) like romney, sasse, collins, ducey, murkowski, toomey, kemp, and their ilk. You and all the others fell captive to the age of cyber warfare and cheating that reared its ugly demonic head on Nov. 3rd and 4th of 2020. Another one of America’s “days of infamy”. Were you so uninformed and out of touch to know what basement biden would be told to do when he sat behind the Resolute Desk? No one in recent history has signed more destructive executive orders and done more damage in such a short amount of time to the people of America, and by extension, the peoples of the earth, than this babbling, foolish puppet in the White House. The blood of the increased numbers of the defenseless unborn, slaughtered by abortion, the blood of our soldiers overseas that will die because basement biden and his handlers are war mongers, (while President Trump was bringing our boys home) is also on all the hands of all those in powerful positions that were sworn to protect “We the People” and did not!! This great injustice has not gone unnoticed by the One, True, and Living God of all creation for He says “ Justice, Justice shall you pursue” – Deuteronomy 16: 18-20. Not the social justice so many of you subscribe to but His holy and righteous justice which you do not subscribe to, will, at His perfect timing, be brought to bear. All of the injustice will be exposed and all of those that were a part of it will know in themselves that they stand guilty and without excuse.

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7 thoughts on “Opinion: ARIZONA TODAY and Voting”

  1. Dear mister Rapacki,
    Let me ensure you intensely that I , and the rest of Holland, are watching everything from the beginning up till now and to the end. Though I have no standing in this whatsoever as an outside non-American, my feelings for the USA are indeed always intense for the simple fact that without you guy’s….,we would now be speaking german…! The fact that you and the rest of all the Allies did put their lives on the line for our FREEDOM is something we can néver thank you enough for!! So, when I and the World can see and hear what is happening to that so precious FREEDOM in your Country regarding the steeling of the elections and all the bad thing coming from that illigal biden-admin, it makes our blood boil…!! I can’t forget the fact that in order to get that FREEDOM back ,it “only” took about 100 million dead people and endless suffering…And it all started with steeling all the elections..!! This we can NÒT let happen again! Everything up till now about the behaviour of that idiot-left with all its rino’s , is only proving the steel is real!! So, whatever you do, do nót give up !! I would love to do more then just give my opinions here and on the MeWe-website, but as just 1 individual it may not be much. Keep in mind that my thoughts are with you and your peers. And I will keep trying to get the People to wake up and stand. One last thing…, do not even be polite to all those bad folks by saying that it is nót about flipping the elections etc…! Because it damn well is!! It is just NÒT acceptable to have an illigal choosen President with and criminal team to rule America. Because if they have been able to do all that evil nów, they will do that forever…!! And when it rains in the USA, it will be pouring in the rest of the World and in Holland! So, keep your heads up and stand. If there is anything that I can do that is within my limited powers, I would do that. Only standing up and fighting the real good fight is worth fighting for!! Thanks and may God be with us all!!
    Yours sincerly,
    Don Tolenaar

  2. Philip Carlson TX

    Thank You Don

    Keep doing what you are doing. Call out the lies when you see them. Expose the fraud. spread the truth. Do not be silent.
    Pray the Arizona senate does a complete and transparent audit.

  3. The board of supervisors who took the oath of office. Should think really really hard and try to remember what it means to defend their country and constitution under God.
    You traitorous traitors!

    For the Lord so loved his people he promises
    I will never abandon you ……..nor forsake you.

  4. Mr Rapacki
    I am sending this note from upstate New York – Cuomo land – to tell you how worried , and hopeful I am about the ballot investigation that will take place , thanks to one honest judge. I want to get a message to Mrs. Fann and Kelli Ward – tell them something they already know. The fate of our country is to a certain degree in their hands. This ballot review …. must go right. We cannot just turn over the responsibility and performance of this procedure to some ‘ audit company ‘. Honest , concerned conservatives must take charge and , get tough , about seeing that strict , effective procedures are followed so that the rats have no chance to yelp about bungled review performance.
    I assume that they know about Jovan Pultizer and his startling revelation that it is just simple to ferret out problems with mail in ballots by screening for lack of creases in ballots that were supposedly mailed. Further I assume that Ms Fann and Ms Ward are in contact with various computer programming experts , such as Mr Ayyudarai who also provides an explanation of astonishing vote manipulation that is plain thievery.
    Please stress to them that our country cannot wake up to another mess of democrat propaganda about another failed attempt to get to the truth about President Trumps’ VICTORY last November. Someone who knows what they are doing must be in charge. Right now things look very bad but we can score a big win for all the good and decent people in this country who voted for a great and good nation that was on the way to a bright and happy future a year ago.
    In New York state we are under the boot of New York City democrats – and now as it t urns out the whole truth of this stolen election has come out – you people in Arizona will be sending New York and other Dem states money to cover our bad debts,, gee thanks a lot! Honest people in Arizona might realize that there are a lot of people hoping for the best from this investigation. Again – you have the fate of our country in your hands. It will be great to see AMERICA win, and watch the rats lose.

  5. Ronald McKinney

    Dr. Rapacki thank you for being on point concerning the problems with this last election. I listened to your latest video concerning us having coffee together. You mentioned about the overwhelming attacks on the work being done in setting up the forensic audit. All of the mistakes and problems should be documented and put in book form. This book or document would help the 17 other states looking at what is happening in AZ. This document would so help the other states begin the same task of uncovering our belief in massive fraud. No one should be against finding that which is the truth about our election process.

  6. Hi Dr. Lyle Rapacki,
    Another little motivation from over-here, the wooden-shoes-tulips-and-windmills-country Holland!
    Yep, you and the whole World are in quite a big struggle here. Thé most important thing is….Never
    give up! And if there is any fear.., just like John Wayne once said…., just saddle-up anyway! God
    is with the good People. I can feel you might be rather tired by now, but that is part of the prize
    needed to be paid to get through the struggle of fighting the oh so hard needed good-fight.
    Now, as you may know, I also am very intensely following all of this. As an ex-businessman and
    many years working in the fields of engineering and Global-players, I am used to always keep
    focusing in and out of all matters. So, to give yourselves some piece-and-quite in your heads, try
    that regularly. Meaning, zoom-in to all the details of the items and then zoom back out again in
    order to keep everything in perspective. In other words, allow yourselves to relax your mind each
    time to got to the really nifty-gritty. Just an mental-exercise.

    The fact alone that so many normal, honest, ordinary People are in to this and keep pushing back at that bad storm, is very stimulating and motivating for so many in the World. Just something to think about..!

    Now, here are some of my thought that may or not help to gain some insights. First, yes, I do
    understand that the saying goes that all of this is nót about flipping the election etc. If for nothing
    else, that remark may keep some forces down for now. But just keep in mind this little fact; why
    ÁRE we here at this point of time with and after so much election-troubling-emotions and
    backslashes…?? Right, FRAUD !! Would it all just be about some power-struggles from some
    board-people..?? No! Everyone by now with even just 1 brain-cell, would know and feels it in their
    guts that there has been massive and bad manipulations of those elections. And that it has been on an international scale. With a lot of bad people behind the screens trying to destroy FREEDOM and JUSTICE. And in the same breath…, the whole of America. !!!! This has nóthing to do with 1 or 2 idiots trying their luck with some election-cheats. That happens normally always, how bad it might be. It is even no longer about mister Trump anymore. It is all about keeping the USA safe and everything it stands for. And again, if things go really wrong over at you place, it totally goes down over here in Europe,Holland and the rest of the World!!!

    I always try to keep my focus on the real actions in stead of what has been written and said. By
    now, you can see those biden-mobster-club-actions have basically only done massive damage to the USA. I am not even talking about in the World, like those poor immigrants or Israel. And so much more seems to be coming! And all that just because they did indeed cheated with those elections!!! And then shouted that now they are in 100% power and if anyone wants to disagree, they better watch out or else…..!!! As I said before, we here in Europe have seen these exact same, and I mean 100% the same, processes play out back in 40-45. No differences!! I always have said that this would NÓT happen on my watch as long as I live. The World can just nòt affort its self to lose another ± 100 Million dead People and never-ending suffering just because good People did
    nóthing!!! Thank God that you guy’s áre doning something ! THANKS !!!

    And as far as my basic legal know-how goes, it always has been so that when in an election there is ÁNY fraud being found…., the entire election has to be seen as nullified / no standing!! Therefore it is not about the saying….,ohh there may have been a little fraud but that would not be enough in numbers to flip the election……!!! Yes, it damn….well does !!! Just as “just”being a little bit pregnant does not make you not pregnant, will this mean that the entire election will have to be re-done!! But now the proper way. In person,by hand and with the whole World watching. I dó have a distinct “feeling “ that most of the Dem’s will now stream to Trump when given the chance.
    Because they also have been cheated out of a true, real election. They also never wanted to be called “winners” based on criminal actions that just do not make them winners at all,just morally losers! Most of the Dem’s are just your old known families, neighbors and friends that just had a more Dem-standpoint of view. But never this idiotic and out of control left-crime-club!

    So, here are some other tips. It might be useful to ask some real general excepted Celebs to be part of the observations during the audit. May I suggest a Dr. Phil? I will try that myself by sending
    some mail to him on his site. Of course he will see it..! But he might be to busy. Therefore I would
    like to suggest to get these guy’s in that absolutely will want to be there and have massive followers that trust them: The sorts like : Nick Moseder, Scottsdale Studios, Behizy, OAN,FOX. NEWSMAX and even cnn.( Why not?)

    Also, do not forget about this brain-breaker; that evil power has been preparing all these bad
    election-actions of fraud for at least 4 years and with an international network behind it. They do
    have a lot of manpower and means to keep on doing their bad stuff…..!! So, do not forget they have all that right now also to keep their so-called win-position” in tact and protect it….by almost any means necessary..! If there would be any quiet or pause, thát is when you should really be alert..!There is however one exception when it comes to really change things back to normal here…., they seem to have 100 % legal power and are doing whatever they can to keep the
    others out ! This power-lock will have to be broken. As Trump said, peacefully an
    Patriotically….but broken nonetheless. Be prepared to do that. Or nóthing will change, even with
    any amount of proof you could muster.!!!

    Now, as many with me, I suspect that fraud will be 100% proven and that it has been on a
    massive,international scale. Let’s just look forward for a moment. Once that has been established,
    there will háve to be a follow-up, as in consequences. We all know that there are not so many real
    judges left in the USA that do have the guts to stand up. Especially after they received those threats from that über-lawyer-woman ; Dana Nessel. Including that entire so-called supreme court. My most heavy point to focus on is, that as I said, ány fraud should reflect a nullification of the
    elections. And therefore, new elections will have to be set-up. But on short terms. Meaning, within
    6 months. And in the meantime………, biden must got out and Trump must get back in until those
    new elections have been done, now the proper way. That also indeed means that all the actions that this criminal biden-mobster-club has made so-far….,have to be also seen as nullified / no standing and have to to be un-done. Including, in relation to any international field. I have not even begun talking about the legal justice consequences of it all…!! It all may be new territory for most and a bit scary, but has to be done. Or lose America! Whatever I can do for you good-folks, I will! Just let me know!
    God speed and good luck,
    Don J. M. Tolenaar
    Goes – Holland

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