Scam calls from Town of Chino Valley

We have been notified by community members they are receiving phone calls from local numbers that show up as Town of Chino Valley on caller id.

When the phone is answered the person calling informs the intended victim they are a police officer with Chino Valley. The caller goes on to say that the person they have called has had their social security number used and they need to verify the details with the officer.

Our officers will never ask for your social security number over the telephone, inform you that there is a warrant for your arrest and you need to pay a fine to avoid jail, or ask for donations for the police department.

Never give out your personal details to anyone over the phone who has called you. If you doubt the legitimacy of the caller, inform them you will call right back. Contact dispatch at (928) 771-3260 and ask if an officer called you. If it is true, dispatch will connect you to the officer.

This same advice should be used for any unsolicited phone calls you receive. The scam phone calls are taking place more than ever. Be aware of these scams and do not become a victim.

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