Maricopa County Judge decides in Arizona Senate’s Favor

Dr. Lyle Rapacki of Arizona Today discusses the decision by the Maricopa County Superior Court Judge to agree with the Arizona Senate’s request for the voting machines and ballots.

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22 thoughts on “Maricopa County Judge decides in Arizona Senate’s Favor”

  1. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is reporting the legislature is not following his advice on completing a 100% kinematic audit on the paper ballots. We must demand they do the full audit. Arizona needs to know our elections are safe! If they claim money is the issue, citizens are willing to pay to get answers.

    1. If you do not do a FULL AND COMPLETE CHECK of ALL the PAPER ballots then checking the machines is a total waste of time…. I’m sure they will properly count the ballots, the REAL question is: ARE THE PAPER BALLOTS legally submitted in the first place …by a REAL AZ. voter, (who is NOT DEAD), or has moved out of state and is voting twice, or Lives at a non-existent address, who is not an illegal alien… then and ONLY THEN can you check to see how the machines could (and may have) manipulate the vote.

      You have persevered so far…. DO NOT BE STUPID AND CUT CORNERS NOW…~~~

  2. Thank you for the work of Dr. Lyle Rapacki. I hope the Arizona Senate will get an independent auditing agency to do a complete forensic audit of ALL the ballots, ALL the ballot images, and ALL the voting machines. Please do a thorough audit.

    1. The ballots and contents of machines belong to the people, county board nothing more than caretakers .We the people say full and complete audit.

  3. we need a complete 100 % kinematic audit on all paper ballots full audit in all states with questionable problem . Thank you for doing a full audit on all paper ballots and machine.

  4. So, if the Senate authorizes a full audit of the Maricopa County election and finds that President Biden has indeed won the election, the audit is, no doubt, rigged! Right?

  5. Are the Republicans in the State Senate revealing themselves to be part of the problem, not the solution in the Maricopa County audit fiasco? The right of every American to cast their ballot in a free and fair election is paramount to be able to live and prosper in a free society. We need the truth about our election in Arizona. Show us you are committed to supporting the demands of the voters for transparency in the 2020 election. Anything less will send the wrong message and hasten the demise of the Republican Party both here in Arizona and nationally. It’s your choice.

  6. About time ! This makes every one wonder why they stalled for so long ? If the election was all good why not show it ? I’m sure if money really was an issue go fund me would have payed the bill. There are more states that must do the same as Arizona and look seriously into their election process . Too many election laws were broken across the country, states cannot hire lawyers to change election laws. Legislators in each state has that authority not some fly by night attorney. Drop boxes and mail in ballots are a invite to cheating. Counting ballotts for weeks after an election is again an invite to cheating . Voting ids and same day counting of ballotts will help. Elections must be fair and honest.

  7. Thank you for working with the Legislature and keeping us up to date! Although I wish they would have begun this process immediately following the election, I’m happy they have now remained resiliant. That said, after all this work, if it is true they are only going to look at 10% (possibly scanned) of the 2.1+ million ballots, it will be an outrage and complete let down. Through every step of the process, the legislature demanded all the information including every ballot of the 2020 election, leaving “we the people” to believe they were serious about conducting a true forensic audit to answer all questions and provide voter integrity going forward. They should know their consituents and people from across the country will not accept anything less than a full forensic audit, including a kinematic investigation of ALL original ballots conducted by Jovan Pulitzer, along with a reputable company to conduct the rest of the audit. For those who think Pulitzer is biased, I believe he will provide his services for free or donations will cover his cost so an additional person can be hired to conduct a less efficient but also less controversial review. Why not use the best team to audit all the material and, ideally, identify any tampering or chain of custody issues on top of the regular audit?

    They have come too far to turn back now! It’s all or nothing! Thank you for keeping them in line and reminding them hey are citizen legislators, working for we the people!

    1. I agree totally. Full 100 percent audit of all the votes. That is the only way to restore confidence in our elections. We have to find out what happened with the votes and the election. Also we need Jovan to scan the ballots and do his analysis. We the people have been let down by so many of the people we elected to represent us. We trust that Jovan will do an honest analysis of the ballots. I pray that the Arizona Senators will listen to we the people and allow Jovan to do his part in the forensic audit and that they will audit 100 percent of the ballots

  8. Thank you Dr. Rapacki and all involved. I’m praying for your courage, strength, stamina, safety, and that God will inspire all of you to find the truth. If you find “gargantuan” fraud what then? I’m hoping the election will be overturned especially with the damage the Biden administration has already caused!

  9. Shirley Slattery

    It’s inconceivable that this is happening in Arizona and the entire country. You say this isn’t political, I disagree. I truly believe our 2020 election was stolen, not just for the President but down the ballot.. Yes, voter integrity is at issue, but that lack of integrity put Biden and Kelly in office who should not be there. Who knows, maybe even the propositions that were being pushed by leftists in our state. It’s probably too late now to do an audit of any kind. Like Dr. Rapacki said, who has been watching over the ballots? God help us.

  10. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer needs to be the one to scan the paper ballots since the process is under his patton. If he doesn’t get that opportunity since it is his patton then we will never know if the answers we receive concerning the paper ballets is the truth or not. Please have Jovan scan all the paper ballets for the whole worlds sake.
    Thank You


    The Senate is hiding from the people of Arizona…. the concern is they will steamroll a partial audit with disastrous results using only a small random sample of the 2.1 million votes. We are demanding a Public Town Hall Meeting with the Senate. The following email is being posted:

    Senate President Fann,

    The People of Arizona respectfully demand the Arizona Republican State Senators set a public Townhall immediately. In this format, our grievances can be addressed regarding the upcoming forensic audit.

    You are elected officials. To date, we have heard nothing but lies, rumors, and uninformed or completely amateur and misplaced statements from certain representatives. This has led the People to believe many of our elected officials are completely clueless, or incapable of making the decisions ahead.

    As elected officials, you personally not liking Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is irrelevant. It is about his technology. If you cannot set aside trivial, personal biases, and will not listen to your constituents, perhaps this has exceeded your capacity, making you unfit to hold office.

    To restate your words, it is the time for transparency and accountability.

    We will await a Press Release statement for the near date and time of the Townhall.

    Democracy dies in darkness!

    I am working with ARIZONA CONSERVATIVES TAKE ACTION with the stated mission: We share information on AZ politics so we can be more involved and informed. If we want to change, we need to stand together and push back hard – make our voices heard and plan events, petitions, and law change. No more sitting by idly. Time to stand up 🇺🇸

  12. Where are you Lyle??

    Discord the camp. Ask your friends the hard questions. Is this Audit going to be legit? Jovan Pulitzer gives an emphatic “no”. So close; don’t go soft now.

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