February 18, 2021


Opinion: Shakespeare A Top Target For P.C. ‘Disruption’

In an old joke, a repertory company prepares to stage “Hamlet” when the lead actor dies just before the first performance. The company frantically appeals to the packed audience for someone who knows Hamlet’s part. A volunteer steps forward, an egotistical fourth-rate actor, and it is immediately clear he is terrible. So bad that when


Doctors urge elimination of vitamin D deficiencies to help fight COVID-19

Could an over the counter capsule be a key in fighting COVID-19? More doctors say yes, and they’re urging health professionals to help eliminate vitamin D deficiencies – especially in patients of color and others disproportionately affected by the disease. “Patients, especially patients who are hospitalized for COVID-19, should be given vitamin D supplementation …


COVID vaccines and supplies delayed by severe weather across most of the U.S.

Winter storms engulfing much of the U.S. are delaying shipments of COVID-19 vaccines and supplies, forcing delays to long-awaited appointments for some residents of Arizona. The delays are the latest obstacle for health officials in the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, which has had to overcome misinformation, skepticism and ongoing scheduling issues. Shipments of both approved vaccines,


Rush Limbaugh, radio king and architect of right wing, dies

Rush Limbaugh called himself a truth detector, doctor of democracy, lover of mankind, all-around good guy and harmless fuzz ball, titles his legions of followers embraced as he boomed from their radios in a daily ritual. To those who hated him, the names he conjured were often unfit for print. Such was the nature of

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