Opinion: Snowed Out

As I write this column, I am sitting in our Winnebago RV at Buckskin Mountain State Park near Parker, Arizona. When we left on this trip, we planned to spend a couple of days in Quartzsite, a few days in Lake Havasui City, a few more at Buckskin and then return home. Unfortunately, while most of you were snowed in around the Prescott area until the snow plows came through, we’ve been snowed out until our driveway gets snow plowed. Our driveway is over 600 feet, uphill, from the street to the garage, so we’ve had to stay away longer than we anticipated. My wife, Judi, came up with the term, “snowed out” when everyone in the Prescott was sending us pictures of all of the snow they were shoveling in an attempt to escape being snowed in.

One can see the analogy of being snowed out of one’s home, and what the Biden Administration, the Democrats, the media, the entertainment industry, foreign governments, the educational indoctrination complex and the social media giants are trying to do to anyone who disagrees with their globalist, socialist agenda. There are so many issues to be addressed, that it’s hard to know where to begin.

Let’s start with the First Amendment right to free speech. All levels of education appear to suppress the expression of views with which they disagree, but the worst appears to be at the college/university campuses. These so-called tolerant bastions have imposed “free speech zones” on campuses, have denied some conservative and comedians the right to speak, have withdrawn invitations to conservatives to speak at commencement and other ceremonies. History is being rewritten in our schools with programs like the 1619 Project and almost no traditional history books find their way into a class room, while Howard Zinn’s leftist anti-American diatribe, A People’s History of the United States is ubiquitous. In other words, traditional values and history are being snowed out of our classrooms.

The powerhouses in the social media arena, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, et.al, will suspend conservatives from their forums for violating their vague rules against what they view as racist, sexist, homophobic, or for posts they think may cause violence. Yet rude, true racist and denigrating remarks against black conservatives like Clarence Thomas, Candice Owens, Ben Carson and many others are allowed to remain. Many of the Prager University videos have been removed for no apparent reason other than they disagreed with the left wing agenda. Some other posts were removed because they allegedly promoted violence, yet all last spring and summer, Antifa and anarchist posts were never removed. The hypocrisy is palpable.

Meanwhile, in the last decade or more, the entertainment empires rarely show the United States in a favorable light and yet they will cravenly change scripts, scenes and locations if the Chinese Communist Party frowns in their direction. When was the last time one of the major studios produced a movie that showed our country in a good light?

For more than a decade, both Republicans and Democrats mouthed platitudes about building a border wall to keep out illegal aliens. When President Trump started building one, the left wing went blind with rage and rhetoric. They said that walls didn’t work, that a twenty foot wall could be breached by a twenty one foot ladder. The radicals said that walls are immoral, “that’s not who we are.” Now they must think that is who we are, that walls really do work and can’t be breached by tall ladders, and are indeed moral, since they got the money, and built a miles long fence, topped with razor wire, around the Capitol complex after one incursion by what they claim were Trump supporters. Amazing. To progressives and socialists walls are not justified or moral to keep criminals, gangbangers, the sick, contagious and wage reducing foreigners from illegally crossing into our country. In their slanted view, walls are justified to keep fellow Americans from entering the center of our government to freely express their grievances.

This is the ultimate snow out of free speech and the exchange of differing ideas.