What’s Lurking Underneath Your Sink?

Let’s get right down to business and head into your kitchen. If that starts a panic attack, take a deep breath and put on some blinders because we’re just going to focus on one area today. Remember your “WHY” and imagine what your dream kitchen looks like. Another deep breath, my friend. Set a timer for 10 minutes because we are going to eat this elephant one bite at a time.

We’re going to start underneath the kitchen sink. I know this is scary. There is the distinct possibility of multi-leg life forms inhabiting the darkness. But it’s a great starting place because there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit there and one can find dramatic results in a short period.

When I’m organizing, I like to bring a portable table with adjustable height as it makes is so much easier to pick through things. Easy is good. Here, you may just want to scoot your kitchen table closer to where you’re working. Have your trash bag ready as well.

Empty everything from underneath. Be brave. Use a flashlight to get a really good look. Make sure there are no water leaks or well, you know.

So whatcha got? Now, I’m assuming you don’t have small children at home, but most people who I work with usually have cleaning supplies under the sink. There might be nasty cleaning brushes, wadded up green scratchy pads and a dead Cool Whip bowl (sans lid) thrown in for good measure. If you wish you, you may play Trashket Ball and toss these items into the trash bag from across the room. BTW, fun fact, an Organizing Angel gets their wings every time clutter is cleared. So not only are you opening up space in your home, you’re encouraging a celestial being. Don’t you feel better?

Next, those bottles of cleaning supplies. If you have duplicates, marry what you can. (As in “the two shall become as one.”) Instead of two bottles of window cleaner, you now have one. Be sure to test the spray trigger on the one you keep.

You may have difficultly with this next level of purging. I’m eyeballing those single purpose cleaners like stainless steel polish or microwave oven cleaner. You don’t need them. There’s precious little you need:

o   A disinfectant

o   A neutral cleaner (I prefer Mrs. Meyers)

o   A heavy-duty cleaner

o   A glass cleaner

Set aside the unused and unneeded products. (I see that bottle of laminate floor cleaner that you moved from your last house. You’ve got vinyl now-pitch the cleaner.) Thrift stores will often not accept these items so think creatively. Is there a friend who may use it? Can you put in in a box marked FREE and set it in your neighbor’s garage sale?

Last but not least, find a new home for any duplicates that may take up precious space. Hello, four pack of Lysol from Costco. If you have a utility closet, park the overflow there. If you don’t have any room for extras, I encourage you to quit buying multiples. (Especially if you live alone or with one other person.)

And speaking of cleaning caddies. Do you have one of those? I keep my cleaning supplies in a caddy along with cleaning cloths and a Magic Eraser (I love those!). It creates an easy grab and go when it’s time to clean.

Other items that usually live underneath the sink are a trash can, dishwasher detergent and dish soap. Now that you’ve got the clutter cleared away, you’ll be able to retrieve those items easily.

This is a modest start in getting your kitchen organized. Not only will it look better, you’ll find being able to grab what you need, when you need it, without triggering a landslide. This alone brings its own reward.

No, that clever cleaning caddy won’t clean house for you, but it will make your job easier!

Before you call it quits, be sure to take out the trash or place the donate items in a box, ready to go to their new home.

Finally, stand back and enjoy your new clutter-free under sink space. Well done!

I love hearing from my readers. Join me over at Unclutter Your Life with the Zany Sage and tell me the most ridiculous thing you discovered underneath your kitchen sink. Post a picture if you’d like. I would love to hear your stories.

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