Updates and Clarifications about Arizona’s Forensic Audit

Dr. Lyle Rapacki gives an update on what is happening with the Arizona Senate and its planned forensic audit of the Maricopa County voting machines and ballots. He talks about all the letters and handwritten notes he has received, urging him to press onwards.

BREAKING NEWS: From the Arizona Capital Times – “All 16 Republicans in the Arizona Senate signed on to a measure introduced Wednesday afternoon that could lead to sending the Senate’s sergeant at arms to arrest Maricopa County’s elected supervisors as early as Friday.
The resolution, introduced by Senate President Karen Fann, R-Prescott, states that all five of Maricopa County’s board of supervisors are in contempt of the Arizona Senate for refusing to turn over access to election equipment and ballots that the Senate demanded for an audit. It also directs Fann to take “all legal action” to enforce the subpoena.
Under state law, the Senate can send the sergeant at arms to arrest the five supervisors and bring them before the Senate. “

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    1. Dr. Lyle’s address:

      Prescott eNews
      P.O. Box 2825
      Prescott, AZ 86302

      If you are writing a check, please make it out to Lyle Rapacki.

  1. Just read County supervisors still refusing to hand over ballots and voting machines fo an Audit by the Senate picked auditors. Senate now drafting a contempt order against the board of supervisors. As this is going on I also read the County Supervisors are doing their own audit with their auditor . How do we know they are not washing the machines clean while they supposedly audit the machines . State should seize the machines and do their audit. Who’s in charge the State senate or the county Supervisors this it taking way too long.

    1. I totally agree with you. We the people have the right to know if fraud was done in the election. My thought what are they trying to hide by not letting them check out the machines.

      1. The machines are bein looked into. It’s the paper ballots that the supervisors are trying to not have audited.

    2. If they tamper with federal voting machines or ballots they are subject to federal violation laws that include fines and imprisonment up to 10 years. There has already been people sentenced for 2020 election fraud. It would be advisable for them to turn over the ballots and machines.

      1. Look what they have got away with so far . Nothing off the table for them seems they can get away with anything.

      2. Seems to be that these 5 Supervisors took part in stealing the election from the American People, in my eyes that is treason

      3. The videos of techs working on the boards and with screwdrivers…..they are removing the built in modems that allowed the machines to be on the internet. When the next crew checks the machines they will not find a way the machines were linked to the internet.

    3. I agree Scott. Maybe they are trying to delay until the 2024 election so they can cheat in that one too.

      1. Also I would like the date the videos are playing. It seems like this one is old. Today is Thursday February 4, 2021. I don’t see a date that Dr. Rapacki made this video.

  2. I cannot get the Alliance who is recalling the superviors to send me a petition for Clint Hickman. Hickman is my rep and I want to help recall him. I have been to the website to contact them. I sent 3 emails and messaged them on Facebook and even went to a Bill Gates recall event to try and get on the petition. I have zero response. I want Clint Hickman gone
    I need help reaching the alliance

  3. So Jack Sellers (seen speaking in a video), along with the other 4 Maricopa county election supervisors is deciding which parts of the election records subpoenaed will be audited? Using “confidentiality” as the reason to withhold voter evidence. There is supposed to be a THREE part evaluation. Ballots, Machines and Tabulation are supposed to be evaluated. This is permissible how? The ballots would be audited by professionals the public would not have access to the voter’s information. Not that, considering the significance of this situation, that said “privacy” should be a reason. Ludicous. WITH 100% CERTAINTY … WILL THE PAPER BALLOTS BE PROVIDED FOR AUDIT IF LAW ENFORCEMENT IS NEEDED TO OBTAIN THEM?

  4. Our “whole new problem” will be getting Biden out of the White House. BUT, that’s a good problem as I see it!

  5. It would be a good idea to go to another country with similar problems, where the supervisors are not yet boought off or being threatened and get the team in there now

  6. If the 5 supervisors are arrested what is the next step?? Who ultimately will hand over the machines, ballots, tabulators?? Thank you for continuing the fight to bring clarity and shine the light for all to see. We wait as we pray for Gods mighty right arm to save us.

    1. I agree 100% with you Steve. We can’t let a handful of people cheat the entire state and prevent the truth from coming to light. This holds true for the nation as well. If the voting system is rigged then why ever vote again? This HAS TO BE EXPOSED! I pray that the AZ Senate succeed with this audit.

  7. I want to say thank you to all that are involved to find the truth , I am from Indiana and wish our Governor would get involved and do something in our state and help other states so the people would know the truth , our hearts are broken over the election situation and the state of our country Mr. Lyle God has raised you up for such a time as this . I say Thank You from all the American Patriots ! Gods Blessings On You .

  8. What we need is more super hero’s like your family. For truth justice and the American way fight on.

  9. I am so relieved for you!! I thought an audit was going earlier this week. Then I saw on RealAmericasVoice screen that they STILL refused!
    I am not from your state but have been following. I sent some URLs I saved.
    Well, anyway, tell Liz good luck, too.
    The sec of state in PA who certified knowing there was fraud, RESIGNED. They did quite a bit of double-voting in PA. MI gov. is still holding out. They added 173 votes without VOTERS to Detroit’s
    total !! It would be funny if it were not so SAD and we didn’t have a crazy man in the WhiteHouse!

  10. I am writing from New Zealand and I have send ten ways to track down fraud and cheating by officials. I can be contacted via Shelby Busch if you are in Arizona.
    I can also advise that the officials would be virtually guaranteed to try cancelling or wiping the files. There are ways to overcome this that will probably work unless they are extremely clever.
    The fact they are going to such extreme measures to keep on doing their own audits says with a very loud voice that they are 100% guilty. The problem is that they are not in this on their own and are being bankrolled by George S and his CCP mates in China. Facebook also spent $500 million USD. There is an infrared tool you can use to sort out the paper made in china vs what was genuine and made in USA. George S would have been in control of the China laundry. Several truck and trailer loads were imported via New York and distributed to cities.
    There is another tool that can be used to check out the composition of the ballot papers with a millionth of a degree accuracy and it will quickly show what was made in China or Germany.

    The other thing is that the officials in most of the cities must have had an arrangement so that the ballot papers that they wanted to corrupt would be printed off line in deliberate manner.
    In simple language when the ballot papers were printed the left hand side would be spot on. The right hand side for all of the presidential papers would have a slight deliberate mistake for the right side and this would cause the machines to jamb or stop. The deliberate fault in the calibration would be sufficient to make them jamb twice per hour and then the officials can decide that Honourable Biden was the intended person for the vote. This is not just criminal it is treasonous in my view and I am a former Returning Officer NZ.

    1. john thomas ennis

      Our future as a republic constitution is on the line most likely depending on this audit.

  11. Francis Lipsinic

    He should have the authority at his level to have them arrested for failure to comply with a court order!!!

  12. Leslie Webb, Otsu JP

    Wish you success in your efforts to get the truth out. Enjoy the bagels, whichever side wins.

  13. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Thank you and the Arizona Senate for working to find the truth about the 2020 election. I hope you and the Senate continue to have strength to pursue the truth about the election and all the people involved in the 2020 election.

    1. Dr R a p a c k i
      Thank you for all your hard work and keeping us updated on the progress of the forensic audit. I pray that God bless and strengthens you, the Arizona senators and all that are working so hard to bring Justice to the good people of Arizona and to our Nation. We the people of Arizona support your efforts 100%

  14. Dr. Rapacki, God bless you for what you are doing for election integrity. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    I advise you to get Mr. Jovan Pulitzer and his team to do your paper ballot forensic audit. Mr. Jovan Pulitzer is a scientific expert who testified in front on the Georgia State Legislature about their election fraud, and he is a leading forensic expert and extremely knowledgeable about the paper ballots. His team can scientifically determine very quickly which paper ballots are fraudulent, and even how many times the same ballot was run through the voting machine.
    I hope Arizona can get these forensic audits done quickly, so that the American people can have confidence in the integrity of our elections!
    God bless you.

  15. Greetings from the Virginia Mountains… keep fighting good people, our election was stolen and the American people watched it happen! This is not the first time! The liberal snakes in Arizona closely resemble the Virginia snakes and they are guilty of treason! Our numbers are not as big as yours BUT it happened here too. TERM LIMITS would prevent these crooks from building kingdoms to steal with immunity…last time it was a TEA party…this time it needs to be a Neck Tie party. The facts justify the use of the INSURRECTION ACT… somebody get a rope!
    President Trump tried to drain the swamp…the liberals are busy draining the Treasury! The supreme court needs to be horse whipped and abolished…they are a waste of space!

  16. The WORLD is watching Arizona to see who is really in charge the State senate or the board of supervisors, will the Senate be able to look at the ballots or does the board of supervisors run the show ? The Attorney General and the Senate I think should seize the ballots and machines ,at least if they are in good hands hopefully no funny business will happen to them if it hasn’t already happened at this point it’s hard to trust anybody. God bless America thank you Arizona

  17. James Leslie Boughner

    Good on the Arizona Senate Republicans! You have the courage to do the right thing, even though you likely will get a lot of backlash, and the wealthy left leaning oligarchs will try to make your life difficult . Why would the board of supervisors care if the ballots are audited…seems that they would also want to assure the voters that all was fair.

  18. The comment Dr. Lyle made in regards about legislators being “taught” they had the power/authority to subpoena is, for a lack of better words, pathetic. An elected official unaware, not knowing, ignorant, of the “LAWS”. I just find this indescribable, other than my previous comment.
    How can these “supervisors” disobey court orders and not immediately be incarcerated. I bet an Bitcoin crypto stock if I was to do this, or maybe any other citizen here in America, we would be arrested. I would get a phone call telling me that the police is coming to arrest me. My reply “give me 15 minutes and I will be there at the sheriff’s department. HOW CAN THESE PEOPLE BE ABOVE THE LAW?
    On the comment of “servant/leader”. The only other time I have heard this statement was when I went to a training seminar to be a supervisor/lead. I worked in electrical distribution/substations. Had the potential to be very dangerous/deadly or very safe. It was in line with an OSHA 20 type class. Anyhow to truly understand what it means to be a “Leader/Servant” a person has to humble him/herself below the level of the people you are in charge of. Think of yourself lower or below your team mates. Recognize certain situations or behavioral actions that a person may exhibit. Be willing to give and take orders, criticisms, and be held to a higher degree of “the law” if I failed. Fortunately, Thank God, the training, humility, we all went home safe. Saying all that “elected officials”, appear they are above the law. Elected official immunity if you will. I personally did not see the “election fraud” coming. But the corruption and the elected official immunity, the ccp buying the DC swamp people, my Grandfather “Button Keener” made me aware of this years ago. Also the importance of our “VOTE”. I’m not one to find pleasure in the demise of other people. These elected officials must be dealt with. And I believe a lot of other people agree. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  19. I wanted to pass on other information.
    1. On 2/5/21, Mike Lindell (MyPillow) put out a documentary with “100%” proof about the election fraud – inside and outside the U.S. – https://michaeljlindell.com
    2. At their 2/19/21 conference, the Supreme court will decide whether to take up any election lawsuits but possible they won’t be heard until October.
    Thank you again Lyle and everyone else involved in your hard work fighting this. What can the rest of us do though?

    1. john thomas ennis

      I am asking the same question this morning this opportunity might be our only hope of preventing fraudulent elections in our marxist inspired future.

  20. Large following of Mississippi Pastor Shane Vaughn, Christian conservatives from all over, are praying and putting demands on your Senator Boyer with calls and Gmails. Demanding justice to be served. Be a conservative not a china-crate. Get in the fight or be recalled. Senator Boyer you have been weighed and found lacking in the eyes of God but also by the people you represent. . Arizona will prevail by the grace of God. You may even spearhead this movement. God Bless America!

  21. This is known as “debunking the claims of voter fraud”. The media just keeps pounding that phrase “false claims of voter fraud” out and then they think we will all believe it. Even though very, very little of the evidence has been examined, much less debunked. Unless an audit of the mail-in ballots is performed in all the battleground states, how can we trust our voting system? Recounts that have been done did not include necessary audits of these ballots.

  22. Keep up the fight and thanks to Dr. Rapacki and all the others that are working so hard to protect the freedoms of the western world. Even up here in Canada we are hoping for your success.

  23. what exactly do you, fann, peterson and everyone else on this thread want out of an audit that the county’s auditors aren’t doing? explain what exactly your audit will look at and how. A full manual tally?…like Georgia conducted? a risk limiting audit? a traditional audit?

  24. I guess the “cancel culture” is alive and well there in AZ. Admittedly so, my post here yesterday was harsh but that’s where Americans are right now. Watching Arizona drag it’s feet on this is just painful. What really disappoints me now is that someone there is deciding what comments should and shouldn’t be posted. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering the situation AZ has allowed itself to get in to. Apparently you only want to post comments that support your foot dragging.

  25. It looks like the board of supervisors is highly motivated to prevent and/or delay an audit of the voting machines and ballots by any means possible. It begs the question, are they being motivated financially, are they under duress, is someone or some group co-ordinating/managing their response? In light of the recent Time Magazine expose, this would appear to be quite probable.

  26. John mc Cartan,Ireland

    Hi I am watching from Belfast,Northern Ireland.From what I have seen and heard you’re voting system seems to be a shambles and the American people have a president who wasn’t legally voted in.The fact no state wants to do a full forensic audit is very alarming and confirms to everyone watching around the world that the American presidential election was a complete fraud.I am praying hard that honest American people get the truth and the world gets to know who really won the election.The world will not be a safe place if America is being run by people who are willing to do anything for power and greed.The people of Ireland are praying hard that the truth comes out don’t give up your fight it’s too important for the whole world. God bless and protect .
    Thanks John

    1. Thank you!
      Our voting system is not good. I’m a software developer and in my opinion voting machines should not be part of our or ANY voting system, they are to easy to manipulate…..

      Unfortunately our government is corrupt from top to bottom and so it’s an uphill battle but hopefully we have enough patriots that will stand up and correct this otherwise we are all screwed and that is not just us here in the US but everywhere. JJ Arizona, USA

  27. Hi Folks: If you haven’t watched the 2 hour video, “ABSOLUTE PROOF,” by Mike Lindell, https://michaeljlindell.com/ , It’s a must see on how the election fraud occurred at the local levels, dominion voting machines, as well as other voting machines–as they use the same basic software, and the cybersecurity net that was set up from November 1st to November 5th, to capture foreign intrusion into the U.S. election. The amount of fraud is horrifying! And it did change the outcome of the election! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS! Tennessee, USA

  28. George from New Zealand
    Did you know that we have hackers following us to try and edit what we say and to remove the important information. The machine that I was describing is called spectrograph and it will xray the ballot papers and within a second you can tell the ones made in china versus USA.

    The other important thing is that you need to collect all of the ballots with no fold. You can easily tell the difference between ones with fold and ones with no fold.

    The no fold ones will be in fact either those voted at the polling station on the final day/s
    The other no fold ones will be the truck and trailer loads from china via george soros and scytel that share the same building in Canada. These papers have a different grain to those made in USA and I can show you ten ways to check out the differences as I buy tonnes of copy paper.

    You will find that there are other papers that do not have folds and probably made from USA paper. They will be the replacement ballots where the dominion machines have jambed up at least twice per hour and this means that the returning officers would be able to load Biden at the rate of say 10 machines at 2 per hour making 400 flicked to Biden at each polling station,
    The other truck and trailer load came during the hours of darkness and many would have the same signatures and they would be about 10% of total ballots in favour of Biden.

    The fact that trump continued to lose votes is proof that the whole thing was fraudulent. Voting is incremental and they do not decrease with the passing of the hours they always increase. The only decrease would be where voters had voted twice and this would be less than 1%.
    every polling station that had more than 100% of eligible voters is clearly fraudulent
    Any polling station with more than 80% of the eligible voters is possibly fraudulent. This is a well known world wide statistic. If you want to know how to sort out the chinese paper from USA paper then write to me and I will give you the answers.

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