Opinion: What To Expect From a Biden Administration

Now that Joe Biden has been inaugurated as President, what can we expect? Biden has issued some dozens of executive orders. Not as many as one would expect, have directly reversed policies of the prior Trump Administration, but most will have a major impact on our country, our people, the economy, and the world. In collusion with the Democrat majority in both houses of Congress, the Biden Administration is trying to reverse everything Trump did, whether or not if it was good for our citizens or the country.

During the elections, Biden and the Dems expressed their desire to, as soon as possible, assist the American people during the hard economic times caused by the pandemic. Now that they have the power, they aren’t even going to vote to give each American the $2400 to stimulate the economy until some time in March. That is because they are too busy trying to impeach Trump, who is no longer in office. They are so afraid of Trump, his anti-establishment ideas, and his popularity, that they want to insure that he cannot run again for president.

In addition, the Biden Administration wants to give lots of money to foreign governments, including billions to South American regimes. How is that helping our fellow countrymen? There is more money for foreign countries, in a military appropriation bill, which is likely to pass. Also in that bill, they will reverse a Trump policy and will have the military again start paying for “gender reassignment surgery” for military persons who want it. To that issue, let me convey the totally politically incorrect opinion, which I think the vast majority of Americans believe, that gender reassignment surgery is pure quackery, that doctors who perform it should have their medical licenses revoked, and those that want it need serious psychiatric counseling.

As far as the economy goes, it is basic economics, proven throughout history, that if you keep printing money to pay for exorbitant spending, inflation occurs. The Biden people plan to spent trillions of dollars more than Trump and the Republicans ever suggested. Their plans to increase taxes will not pay for their excessive spending, but will only suppress economic growth.

The leftists and radicals in Biden’s Administration are going to re-invoke the Paris Climate Accords, which is a sure indication that we will have more restrictions on drilling, fracking and clean coal mining. This means we will have much higher prices at the pumps and heating our homes. This is also a portent of more regulations, which will again suppress the economy and innovation.

US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall stated, “The power to tax involves the power to destroy.” With Biden’s statements about his view of the 2nd Amendment and wanting to destroy the National Rifle Association, there is little doubt he will attempt to do it through taxation. Firearms will be over taxed along with gun parts, ammo and accessories. What once were considered frivolous lawsuits will be filed against those that manufacture, sell, trade, purchase and use firearms. All that is standing in the way of the elimination of our right to bear arms is an independent judiciary, and that may only be a temporary reprieve if the Democrats are able to pack the Supreme Court.

In foreign affairs we will return to the Obama era of catering to China and Iran and throwing money to every other country. The world will again see us as weak and vote against our interests in the United Nations. In other words, tighten your seat belts, there’s a rocky road ahead, economically, nationally and worldwide.