GOP Chair Kelli Ward & AZ Senate President Karen Fann to Speak in Prescott

The Yavapai County chapter of Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic (ConCR) will host GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward and State Senate President Karen Fann  at their upcoming meeting this Saturday,  January 30, 2021,  11am, at the VFW in Prescott Valley.

Dr. Ward was recently reelected Chair of the State Republican Party at the annual meeting in Phoenix last week.   She was first elected in 2019 and  served as GOP Chair during the challenging 2020 election cycle which brought mixed results for Republicans.  She is a strong supporter of President Trump and has broken with Governor Ducey and the McCain wing of the party over issues such as election integrity and other policies important to conservatives.

Dr. Ward, a physician from Lake Havasu, began her career as a State Senator for LD5 (Mojave County). She unsuccessfully challenged John McCain for the US Senate in 2016 and lost the 2018 Republican primary to Martha McSally who then went on to lose the general election to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema.  As GOP Chair, she is strongly supported by the conservative wing of the party and was endorsed for reelection to the Arizona GOP Chair by President Trump. She will speak on the way forward for the Arizona Republican Party in the aftermath of the 2020 election.

Senate President Karen Fann  is well known locally as a past Mayor of Chino Valley and former member of the City and Town Councils of Chino Valley and Prescott. She has represented LD1 in the State Legislature since 2011 and the State Senate since 2017. Ms. Fann was elected Senate President in 2019 and reelected in 2021. In recent years she has run unopposed and is widely considered one of the most popular elected officials in the District.

In the weeks following the November election, Senator Fann initially resisted calls for a Special Session of the Legislature to investigate allegations of election fraud. However,  as more evidence emerged,  she authorized the Senate Judiciary Committee to issue subpoenas to the Maricopa County Supervisors to turn over ballots.  She has also demanded a third party audit of election results which they are currently resisting.

Senator Fann will speak on the status of pending litigation with Maricopa County and legislative proposals to safeguard  election integrity going forward.

Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic is a group of conservative activists dedicated to defending and promoting the values of representative government and personal freedom as set forth in the U.S. Constitution. The group is a private organization and is not affiliated with any political party.  However, most members are registered Republicans or conservative leaning Independents who are civically engaged or who are current or former elected officials or candidates for office.

ConCR meets monthly at the VFW in Prescott Valley.  Doors will be open for the January 30th meeting at 11am, with lunch available from the VFW menu. The meeting will  be called to order at 11:15am.  Recent speakers include Congressman Paul Gosar,  Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, Congressman Andy Biggs,  former Senate President Russell Pearce,  and other conservative speakers and candidates for state and county office.

ConCR is a membership organization. However, the appearances of guest speakers on issues of high public interest are open to the public. Admission is free but seating is limited. An RSVP is requested.  ConCR President Jim Dutton advises that “all good conservatives looking for an organization that shares their values are invited to attend.”  The VFW is located at 2375 N 5th Street in Prescott Valley.  RSVP’s should be addressed to

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4 thoughts on “GOP Chair Kelli Ward & AZ Senate President Karen Fann to Speak in Prescott”

    1. No it is not being streamed as there is no Internet connection. Senator Karen Fann has refused to allow her talk to be recorded.

  1. A message to Dr Lyle – my family and I have been watching the 2020 election unfold. closely from England , we are shocked ! , we have always held Americans in a very high regard , admired your patriotic spirit – sense of freedom , we were heart broken to see what has happened to president trump , a great man . We know now he is fighting back we know with patriots like you on his team that the truth will out – well done to you sir .

    All our love and respect

    Alex Read .

  2. Fann didn’t want to be recorded because she said she is still not convinced that voter fraud occurred. If she had attended the hearings in Phoenix on November 30 when Rudy Giuliani presented 10 hours of sworn testimonies and evidence, perhaps she would be convinced. Where were you that day Karen? Were you with the Governor ignoring our President’s calls?

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