City of Prescott Mayor Signs Proclamation of Emergency

Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli signed a Proclamation of Emergency, related to the snow event which is currently underway in Prescott.  The proclamation is in accordance with ARS 26-311, and allows for the City to seek reimbursement if and when a State or Federal Emergency or Disaster Declaration is made.

The snow event which is currently affecting Prescott and the surrounding areas is predicted to bring storm totals of 12-24 inches between now and Tuesday afternoon.

Residents are urged to stay off the streets and avoid driving during this storm, to allow emergency and public service vehicles to travel as freely as possible.

For City plowing updates, go to, and click on Snow Plowing Information for updates, for follow us on the City of Prescott Facebook. For non-emergency snow-related questions pertaining to the City, please call 928-777-1100.


8 thoughts on “City of Prescott Mayor Signs Proclamation of Emergency”

    1. As you read this rag, realize this: the city and county tax you to the degree, that one would think we have enough money to take care of this small event. Yet, we are ready and willing to accept fed money remove snow. Take a moment and think – where exactly does that fed money come from?
      TAX PAYERS!. This mindset has to stop. There is no free lunch. I would ask this – where is all the unused emergency funds set aside for such events from previous years? Let’s not blindly assume the city, county or state has your best interest at heart. Tax and spend is their way. The Mayor, like all of the leadership in our city, county and state, are politicians first. So long as Williamson Valley Road is clean and pristine, why worry about the rest?
      While Brown and Mengarelli enjoy the fruits of the middle class labor – They are politicians above all else. They don’t care about you. They care about expansion, uncontrolled growth, airports and jails.
      Last thoughts – like the spineless elite, you wont publish these truths. But I will

  1. The majority of the drivers are about half as competent as those in Anchorage, and that’s saying something.

  2. Prescott is the same elevation as Denver. How can Prescott be so under prepared for a foot of snow? Plows should have been in action 24/7 since Sunday night. This is ridiculous.

  3. So, while we wait for snow removal and reimbursement from the fed. Take a leisurely drive down Wiliamson Valley Road.
    This is where the Prescott Elite live.
    Doctors, lawyers and POLITICIANS.
    The money and power reside there. Well taken care of. Cops and Fire department close by. Got it made on your dime.
    I’m posting this on this site and await the obvious result – no 1st amendment here. The city cowards will stifle my view. But my vote will count.

  4. Yep every time it snows it’s a emergency. They pull all county blades to Prescott to clean roads& to hell with the outlying areas! I live in peeples valley they finally showed up about 10 last night. The last big snow it took them 4 days.A 71year old man on a old tractor with a bad heart cleaned2.5 miles or road. We pay taxes too! Taxation with little to none representation period! Our county supervisor is a joke!!!

  5. You know what is kind of ironic? People move to a small city in the middle of nowhere and exclaim how much they enjoy the lifestyle. Then we get 2’6″ plus of snow ( I had drifts uptown 4′ ) they expect big city services. 2 of the last three years we have had 100 or snowfalls, trust me even Denver would have struggled with that.

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