Opinion: Why Law Enforcement Loves President Trump

Many good people that I know, hate President Trump. Let me give a different perspective. I was a police officer for 29 years in Long Beach. My dad, both grandfathers, an uncle, a great uncle and a cousin were all police officers in Southern California, most on LAPD.

For 8 years I had to listen to Obama and his administration say things like, “The police acted stupidly.” Attorney General Eric Holder tried to suppress the video in Ferguson of the so-called gentle giant, Michael Brown, beating and robbing a convenient store owner. Holder did this to promote the “Hands up, don’t shoot” myth. The Obama Administration let their “Fast and Furious” campaign send weapons to Mexican cartels, at least one of which got back in the States and killed Border Patrolman Brian Terry. On July 7, 2016 five police officers, Cpl. Lorne Ahrens, Sgt. Michael Smith, Officer Michael Krol and Officer Patrick Zamarripa, and Officer Brent Thompson were killed by a sniper. President Obama went to one of the funerals and stated that the “police need more training”. In what, dodging bullets?

It was obvious to us cops that he and his whole administration, at best just barely tolerated law enforcement, and more likely despised us. Then Trump campaigns, gets the Republican nomination and then wins the presidency. When campaigning and at all of his rallies afterward he always praised law enforcement, along with the military and other first responders. Do you have any idea how good that sounds after 8 years of ridicule and acrimony?

One thing should be noted: whenever someone compares an opponent to a mass murdering tyrant, without presenting any evidence, that someone has already lost the argument. Those who so cavalierly compare Trump to Hitler or Putin, should at least have the intellectual honesty to point out how Trump violated our Constitution. Did he suppress free speech? Did he shut down any news organizations? Did he stop anyone from practicing their religion? Did he suspend Habeas Corpus? What Article or Amendment to the Constitution did he violate? If you can’t name how he violated the Constitution, the blueprint of our government, then please just air your grievances so that they don’t sound like pure hate hyperbole. You also might want to read the Constitution or take a class in it.

The Democrat Party today isn’t the one both of my parents voted for. When I was on the board of the Long Beach Police Officers Association and the California Organization of Police, we endorsed a lot of Democrat candidates for office. Why? Because at that time they were in favor of higher wages and better benefits for us. Now they want to defund police. One would be hard pressed to find any law enforcement labor organizations that would support any Democrats for a national office. There also seems to be a dwindling number of Democrats who support cops on a local or state level.

All last summer, Democrats supported the “mostly peaceful protests” by Antifa and BLM in many of our cities. Many Democrats donated money and supported the bailing out of anarchists and felons who committed crimes during these riots. The Democrat leaders of those cities ordered the police to “stand down”, while arson, looting and mayhem reigned. President Trump, on the other hand, condemned the rioting, criticized the leaders who encouraged or did nothing to stop it, and praised the cops.

Democrats are now electing District and County Attorneys who refuse to prosecute many crimes, including attacks on police officers. They also are for releasing so-called non-violent offenders from custody without having to post bail. President Trump opposes these crime raising policies. Why wouldn’t cops love him?


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