Hiker Needed Help After Running Out of Water – Trail 305 Lynx Lake

At about 12:30 PM on Thursday, January 7th, Prescott Regional Communications Center received a 911 call about an elderly male that passed out while hiking near Lynx Lake. The caller was the patient’s wife and stated that she was on Trail 305 between Walker Road and Lynx Lake. Advanced Life support gear was placed into a small backpack and crew members ran up Trail 305 to make contact with the patient. They found the patient was a 87-year old male and alert to everything around him and had symptoms consistent with dehydration. Prescott Fire Dept.’s technical rescue team was called in and the patient was extricated from the trail via a Stokes basket. Continued care was given to the patient and he was transported to Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott Valley for further evaluation.

Even though tomorrow is only expected to be in the high 50’s, it is forecast to be in the mid 60’s by next week. It is very important, when hiking, to expect the unexpected. Bring more water than you think you would need, a charged cell phone, clothes appropriate for the situation and snacks, if needed. If you do find yourself out of water or needing assistance, calling 911 is your best bet. It is also vitally important that once we make a determination of your exact location, you stay put in that area so the fire department personnel can make  easier contact with you.