Eight Fun Things to Do in Arizona

The Southwest is an incredibly beautiful and unique part of the United States, and there is so much to do in Arizona that it is impossible to get bored there! Here are eight of the most popular things to do in this state, so be sure to plan enough time to try them all.

Visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a place that certainly should not be missed! You will have the opportunity to admire the breathtaking scenery at the “Skywalk”. The observation deck is located over an abyss at the height of 1219 meters and protrudes 20 meters beyond the rock wall. The floor of the deck is covered with transparent glass, which makes it feel like it is floating in the air.

Try your luck at the casinos

Just visit one of the casinos where guests are offered a wide selection of gambling and professional services. In many of them, you can not only gamble but also visit a nightclub and even a random concert. However, Kiwi Casino allows you to play your favorite games while sitting at the bar and having a couple of drinks.

Attend sporting events

The state capital, Phoenix, is home to three professional teams: Arizona Cardinals (NFL), Arizona Coyotes (NHL), and Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB).

Explore the world of nature

The Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park in Litchfield is an unforgettable experience for everyone. With over 600 species of animals, you will have the opportunity to see animals from penguins to tigers.

Go hiking in the mountains

The Superstition Mountains are one of the best places in Arizona to spend some time outdoors. There are many fantastic trails to check out there, so be sure to bring your camera with you.

Organize a picnic in Papago Park

Just bring your lunch with you to this park and enjoy the views. Then you can take a walk and see the famous Hole in the Rock.

Kayak on the Salt River

You can rent a kayak for a day cruise on the Great Salt River. During your trip, you will see many wild animals and beautiful plants that grow in Arizona.


Book a Dinner Cruise on the Dolly Steamboat

There is no better way to end the day than a dinner cruise on Canyon Lake. The slow-floating boat is a perfect way to spend a relaxing and lazy evening under the stars.


Most tourists travelling to Arizona highlight only one attraction – the world-famous Grand Canyon. It is even difficult to imagine that amazing sites are hidden among the desert landscapes. However, there are many more remarkable places and activities in this state. All towns and cities have their unique places that are worth seeing. Arizona offers tourists a wide range of opportunities for an exciting and unforgettable vacation.



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