Senator Rand Paul’s annual Festivus Report highlighting federal waste in the budget

Each year, Senator Rand Paul puts together a report on the wasted spending in the Federal government. This year’s edition (2020) highlights $54,746,524,505.37 of totally wasted money.

The Top Ten of 2020:

  1. Despite spending 15 years and billions of dollars, American counternarcotics efforts in Afghanistan are ineffective (Foreign Aid).
  2. The Fish and Wildlife Service is subsidizing yachting (the Boating Infrastructure Grant Program) (Environment, Energy, Science)
  3. National Institute of Health paid $2,004,704.00 to find out if hot tubbing can lower stress (Health Care)
  4. Using CARES Act funds, the FAA renovated a taxiway at the airport on Nantucket Island most often used by private jets (Miscellaneous)
  5. NIH paid researchers to interview San Franciscans about how they use edible cannabis (Health Care)
  6. FEMA paid for test tubes for COVID tests but received contaminated mini soda bottles (Miscellaneous)
  7. NIH paid researchers to develop methods to stop grown adults from binge-watching television (Health Care)
  8. The Department of Defense lost more than 100 drones over Afghanistan (Military)
  9. USAID is open to creating a venture capital fund in Bosnia & Herzegovina for bad investments (Foreign Aid)
  10. National Science Foundation ran lizards on a treadmill for $1,557,083.00 (Environment, Energy, Science)

After the CARES Act passed, Sen. Paul discovered that the IRS was sending the $1,200 checks to dead people and foreigners. He sponsored and got passed two bills to stop that.

The report also gives Pig Awards to the agencies that wasted the most money.

The full report can be found here. It makes for interesting reading.

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