Newly-Elected Arizona Corporation Commissioner Jim O’Connor speaks

As one of our state’s three new Corporation Commissioners, I held off with this press release not knowing if our election would be overturned by a court of law, given the massive “Election Fraud” occurring in Maricopa County. The behavior of so many elected officials associated with the process was shameful. I remain deeply concerned for our citizens’ freedom and liberty. I join with all those praying for our state and our nation, for only with God’s help will we have a prayer of righting this treasonous wrong.

Nonetheless, I am grateful to the 1,434,236 Arizonans who cast their vote for Jim O’Connor in the November 3rd General Election. All Arizonans have my pledge to work on your behalf for maintaining “just and reasonable rates” for the essential water and power services provided by state authorized monopoly companies. I have been blessed with hiring a Senior Policy Advisor, Thomas Broderick, former Utilities Director at the ACC with 25 year’s experience in  water and power here in Arizona. Tom and I will be accompanied by Shelli Boggs, recent candidate for the Maricopa County Community College Board, who will join us as Deputy Advisor/Administrative Assistant.

This week I shall be meeting with ACC’s Executive Director to discuss the onboarding of my staff and initiatives I’d like to see the Commission undertake internally to make it more user friendly to our constituents. Plans are in the works for frequent communications by all Commissioners reporting on what is taking place at the Commission for the benefit of those it serves.

As I begin work on the Commission, I am excited and encouraged about serving with all Clean Election Commissioners. Initial conversations are positive and expectations are high that we all will serve with civility and with positive attitudes about serving in our ratepayers best interests. My thanks again to the hundreds of grassroots activists across Arizona, who made my historic “Write-In” candidacy in the August Primary possible totaling 45,544 write-in votes. As the only candidate in Arizona’s history to win a statewide race as a “write-in”, and then win the General Election, I am humbled and honored to serve you all.

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2 thoughts on “Newly-Elected Arizona Corporation Commissioner Jim O’Connor speaks”

  1. Thank you Jim O’Connor. My husband and I did the write-in for you and voted for you in the General election. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

  2. Congratulations Honorable Jim O’Connor on a well deserved victory.

    We, the more than 1.4 million people who voted for you are confident that you will make Arizona an ever better state.

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