Creation Corner: Praying for all of Yavapai County

David talks with guest, Steve Joannes, about creation science and the proper perspective of viewing the Bible (the correct Biblical worldview). Joannes  walked around Prescott Valley praying for all the people in it, and how he then walked every street delivering a gospel tract to every home & apartment – a true spiritual warrior.

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1 thought on “Creation Corner: Praying for all of Yavapai County”

  1. God Bless you and every living creature, species, plants, water, air, clouds, and above all, God Bless those who love and pray for everybody, because we are all connected with our Father and Mother Earth. We were put here to take care of our Mother Earth and the animals that were here first. All of life is necessary to love and pray for but you have dedicated your love by going down every road and praying for Gods Blessings to be called onto the whole county, and I know, that he hears your prayers joined with hundreds, thousands, millions, and billions his children in his own image, to thank God For Loving our Mother and from the words of God with our Mother , all life was created with love, one wouldn’t have importance if that somebody isn’t important to someone or something’s existence .

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