Clutterfree Gift Ideas

Stop! Set down that toilet paper holder that also has a mount for your iPad, The amusing beer holster will be good for a laugh or two until it ends up in your garage sale. (Or buried under the pile in your garage.)  And yes, I know that single item kitchen appliance is only $5 with your Kohl’s cash but please. Just stop it. Besides, your niece’s kitchen cabinets are already under siege with a pile of unused kitchen doo-dads.

For this Christmas, how about considering gifts that won’t end up in a landfill?  And the cool thing is this: some of these gifts actually provide a two-fer.  You deliver a lovely, thoughtful gift, and the small business that you supported may help them weather the devastating economic effects of COVID. Talk about a win-win!

So, with that in mind, here are some suggestions.  Even if these don’t work for you, perhaps it will help you generate your own creatives ideas.

Books!!!  While I still prefer the old-fashioned kind of book, digital is oh, so easy. How about a subscription to Audible, Scribd, or Kindle?  If you use this referral code yule (yuk, yuk) get two months free for Scribd.  (Disclosure- I get a free month.)  Need the real deal?  Check out Peregrine Booksellers on Cortez in Prescott.

Health–How about a punch card for Zumba or yoga or a personal trainer? And yes, some of this will be better after we can meet again in the gym.

WW subscription-That’s Weight Watchers. Okay, use this one with GREAT discretion. Or maybe buy it for yourself. I’m down 30 pounds so far with 20 more to go This program works whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 200. And yup – here’s a code for a free month.

Netflix subscription or some other digital distraction. (I’ll just call it what it is. 😉) Throw in a bottle of wine from Flying Leap Vineyards on Granite or a bottle of whiskey from Thumb Butte Distillery for an extra fun evening of browsing entertainment.  (Or am I the only one who ends up browsing for an hour before settling on watching another episode of Schitt’s Creek.  Again.)

A helping hand–Pay for a few hours of services for an overwhelmed parent. Other ideas include a housekeeper, handyman services, errand running, or (cough, cough) a professional organizer. Gifting these services directly impacts our local economy here in the Quad Cities.

A digital subscription to the Daily Courier. Newspapers were already struggling before COVID.

Tickets to events–sports, the arts, brewery tours. Even though it feels like it, the world won’t always be shut down!

Consumables–Personally, I love scented candles. Find ones made  by local artists. Other ideas–a dollar shave club membership.  Wine of the month. Think local as much as possible.

Food–Homemade goodies are always a hit. (For the love-of-all-things-Christmasy, NOT fruitcake.)  And besides, what’s a few more pounds in addition to the quarantine weight gain. A gift card to a locally owned restaurant will help bring the gift of business to the struggling mom and pop’s.  It has amazed me at how quickly our local restaurants have pivoted in providing curbside service while keeping the quality of their food stellar.

Buy only once items–Think: cast iron fry pan, tactical flashlight, stainless steel wine glasses, reusable straw, etc.  The Hike Shack has some great ideas.

There you go!  I would love to hear your ideas. Drop them in the comments section. And then meet me over at my Facebook page, Unclutter Your Life with the Zany Sage!  This growing community is fun and FREE!

Theresa Winn Lode is a Certified Life Coach, writer and loves observing people while hanging at locally owned coffee shops in order to gather fodder for articles. She also loves throwing up stuff.  Find her at

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