12-7-2020 Wildland Fire Ponderosa Park

On December 7, 2020, at 6:50 PM, Prescott Regional Communication Center received a 911 call reporting a tree on fire about 10 feet from a garage in Ponderosa Park just outside of Prescott. The incident was upgraded to a structure fire response due to the close proximity of structures. Upon arrival crews found a ½ acre Wildland fire burning just off of private property in the forest. Crews made a quick knock down on the fire and were able to handle the fire with 2 Engines, 1 brush engine, and a Battalion Chief from Prescott Fire Department. Crews remained on scene for about 1 hour fully extinguishing the fire. The US Forest Service was advised of the fire and they had a unit check on it this morning.

According to Battalion Chief Ralph Lucas “Upon further investigation it was determined that a resident dumped their ashes earlier that day just off their property in the forest.” The resident stated that they had dumped water on it to ensure the ashes were out.

Division Chief Scott Luedeman stated “Though cooler weather is upon us, the danger from wildfire is far from over. Our region is extremely dry and it doesn’t take much to get a wildfire going.”

The Prescott Fire Department would like to remind you to safely dispose of your ashes. Ashes from a fireplace can remain hot for days. Do your part by following these safety precautions when emptying your fireplace ashes.

  • Place ashes in an approved metal, airtight ash container
  • Stir some water into the container and place the airtight lid on it.
  • Never place ashes in paper bags, plastic buckets, or cardboard boxes
  • Do not place the metal container on your deck or against your house. Instead, make a designated area outside free from any vegetation or building materials.
  • After a week of having the ashes air tight, you may empty the ashes in an area of your yard free from vegetation. Check the ashes by feeling the pile to ensure there is no heat left.


Photos courtesy of Battalion Chief Ralph Lucas.

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