Trail Rescue

A woman in her sixties required rescue from a hiking trail along Watson Lake on Sunday after she sustained an ankle injury when she slipped on some loose footing.  The woman’s hiking partner and several Good Samaritans assisted in calling for medical help and lead the fire crews onto the proper trail.  Prescott Fire Department responded with two engines as well as the department’s zodiac boat to the area.  One engine company hiked to the patient to assess her and come up with a plan for getting her to medical treatment.

It was determined that she was located near a section of shoreline where the zodiac could be landed and the second fire crew responded there in the boat.  The patient’s injury was stabilized and the two crews carried her to the awaiting boat. This proved a much simpler maneuver than using a Stokes basket to traverse a quarter mile of hiking trail.  She was taken to the north boat ramp and transferred to a Lifeline ambulance for transport to the hospital.

Prescott Fire would like to compliment the several individuals who cared for the patient and provided assistance in guiding the firefighters to her location.  At the time of the injury, the hikers were not certain of their location on the trail system, only that they were nearing the end of their six mile trek around the lake.  The bystanders’ assistance helped expedite getting care to the patient.  The patient was loaded into the ambulance less than hour from the time of the initial call thanks to their help.

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