Opinion: How Would Biden Unite Us?

Candidate Biden, after the media declared him the President Elect, made the statement, “I will be a President for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not. I will keep the faith that you have placed in me.” And also, “It’s time for America to unite. And to heal. We are the United States of America. And there’s nothing we can’t do, if we do it together.”

Aside from the fact that these statements imply that the country is sick and/or injured and disunited, Biden’s words are conciliatory. They seem disingenuous coming from a man whose party spent the last four years trying to negate the last presidential election. The same party that tried and continues to attempt to divide us along racial lines, theological and secular divisions, sexual preferences, and those who want our country at peace and those that want us to fight endless international wars for their notion of globalism. As to globalism, we as a nation are divided into two groups: those that want to let everyone into our country and those that want to control immigration.

Even more important, the Democrat party is separating us between those who see our Constitution as a blueprint to our freedom and those that want to call it a living, breathing document, whose meaning will disappear into whatever interpretation un-elected judges and justices decide it should be.

One should never make the mistake of questioning the left wing extremists’ sincerity. They see the love of our country, its history and its traditions as provincial at best, and antiquated, racist and regressive at worst. They consider themselves as citizens of the world and have no loyalty to our country.

When those extremists get elected to office and take a pledge to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution,” they are swearing an oath to their “living, breathing” Constitution that means whatever they want it to mean to do all the good things they want to do. They are not swearing to preserve or protect a Constitution that limits government and protects individual rights

In fact the socialists/progressives see individual rights as an impediment to their agenda for creating a “greater good”. That is why the progressives make arguments that the First Amendment does not protect “hate speech” and yet never define the term hate speech. Reality tells us that no matter what a person says, someone, somewhere, will find it offensive. Therefore, these radicals could find whatever expressed ideas they disagree with, to be offensive and thus, hate speech. There goes freedom of speech.

Conservative media could express opinions about crime the progressives would declare racist and try and negate the First Amendment right to a free press. There is so much in the Bible, the Old Testament and the Koran that the left could find offensive and hateful, that they could use it to greatly impinge on the free expression of religion. If the Democrats win the Senate and President Biden expands the number of justices on the Supreme Court, does anyone doubt this progressive Supreme Court would interpret the Constitution in such a way that our First Amendment rights would be greatly reduced, if not extinguished? Not to mention the Second Amendment would be interpreted into oblivion. Is this how President Biden will unite us? It is if we surrender. It is if we don’t resist the obliteration of God given, inalienable rights with every tool we can come up with.

Whenever I see one of those mindless bumper stickers with the word COEXIST printed with the Islamic crescent, the Christian cross, the Star of David and other spiritual symbols, I am tempted to ask the owner of the car, “How do you coexist with people who want to cut your head off?” Now we should respond with a bumper sticker that says words to the effect “Uniting with socialists equals the surrender of our rights.” We should never compromise our rights for the sake of unifying with a group that wants to destroy our way of life.


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2 thoughts on “Opinion: How Would Biden Unite Us?”

  1. I was so pleased with this article. The Truth has been spoken. Biden and the Demcrimminals will never have the intentions of uniting America. Biden and the Obama administration sold America to China , Russia and so on. Now had people that voted for the left , done research on the Demcrimminals, would this have changed the outcome? I doubt it because the Liberals have been brainwashed with words. Our Country and constitution is in Grave danger , in the hands of a Nazi regime.

  2. So Creepy Joe wants everyone to unite under the democrat party banner after he and the democrats have been trying to divide the country for decades? That’s rich.

    Crooked Hillery, in her 2016 so-called concession speech, used the opportunity to insinuate that President Trump and his supporters were nothing more than deplorable, racist, xenophobic neo-Nazis while the democrats were the party that would unify America. Race baiters like “Mad” Maxine Waters, “the reverend” Al Sharpton, and the Race-baiter-in-chief Obama along with their allies in the “progressive” fake news media have worked diligently to divide America along racial lines for their own political benefit.

    They have been somewhat successful in dividing America since there are a number of Americans who are simple-minded, gullible, brainwashed useful idiots who have taken the bait and others who benefit financially from misguided and counterproductive government programs like the misnamed “affirmative action” programs (actually racial discrimination programs) and other government “free stuff” programs.

    The democrats want to “Make America Mediocre Again” and Biden wants America to march in lockstep with their plan to achieve this goal. Patriotic Americans across this country should give the illegitimate Biden regime the same consideration that Biden and the America-hating democrats gave President Trump over the last four years.

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