Jen’s 7th Ave Cafe in Prescott Valley

So, there I was, hacking my way through the Urban Jungle. My arms were tired, my feet riddled with pain. Hunger inside me and no relief in sight. But wait, what is that in the distance? There, on the frontage road in Prescott Valley, a sight for tired eyes and tired feet. A beacon of hope when everything else is bleak. It is Jen’s 7th Ave Cafe. I trod in, dropping the worries, the pains at the door.

What greeted me was a sea of openness and smiling faces. I was seated promptly and given a menu and a smile. What have I done to deserve such an honor? Nothing much, as this is how everyone is treated, like a long lost friend returning home for some good ole cookin’ The restaurant is warm and inviting and not overly blinged up. Just looks like home to me. You can find them as well at 6800 E State Rte 69.

I sat my weary bones down and ordered the special of the day, Pineapple Rightside Up Pancakes. Pancakes with a baked in ring of pineapple and a cherry. Love the cherry! Absolutely wonderful and they toss in a couple eggs any way you like and a couple of sausages or bacon and you have a meal that will last the day. Get the Corned Beef Hash or the Half Pound Chicken Fried Steak. Both meals you could share with… well, everyone you know. Huge Portions but not Huge Prices.

The Lunches are equally as good. Grab a Philly Steak or a Hermosa and chow down. The Hermosa has a Chicken Breast topped with Bacon, Avocado, Tomatoes and Sprouts on a grilled Multi-grain bread. Its almost health food!. Grab a Patty Melt, that staple of diners everywhere. Grilled onions, cheese on grilled rye bread, packed with a big beefy burger.

Now, let’s say you are looking for a Cinnamon Roll and you want one the size of a human head, and really… Who doesn’t? Well, here you go, Cinnamon Rolls that you could use as the first base plate in the World Series. Huge, covered in cinnamon, sugary goodness and love. It’s like a giant hug. After eating one, you will need a nap.

Now, they are only open from 6 Am to 2 PM daily so they are a Breakfast and Lunch place. But Run on in there, try the breakfast and stay for lunch! This place is one of my favorite breakfast joints. Tell them I sent you and they will double your bill! Wait… That’s not right. I give them 4 Snouts out of 5 for their good home cooking, Fresh ingredients and wonderful atmosphere.

As I trod back into the lonely wasteland of the high desert, the sun glaring down upon the world, I leave with a full belly and a warmth on my heart. The day looks brighter.

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6 thoughts on “Jen’s 7th Ave Cafe in Prescott Valley”

  1. Carla Cornelison

    Hi Shawn,
    We loved your review of Jen’s place, and agree with you 100%. In this day and age my husband and I only wish you had given her a 5 out of 5. They work so hard and the food and place are outstanding, so we were wondering why you didn’t. I can’t think of a place in Prescott who deserves a 5 more than they do. Just saying. 🙂 Merry Christmas Shawn.

    Rod and Carla Cornelison
    Jen’s fans 🙂

  2. We just had breakfast at Jen’s this morning. The food is terrific and the portions are huge. The best part of our meal was the service. I’m a big time coffee drinker. And our waitress brought me a relatively small coffee mug. The one thing I didn’t expect is that she kept coming back and refilling my mug BEFORE I could empty it. That is a rare thing for me these days. And yes I gave her a larger tip for her service. She certainly deserved it and Jen’s is a regular place for us for breakfast.

  3. I totally agree 💯 with you. I can’t understand what the one mark off could have been for? Curious to see their reply. Love the cafe.

  4. I’m also curious about the 4 not 5 rating. Frankly, my husband and I would give them a 10 or 100 if we could. Impeccably clean, gracious and efficient servers, cooks and all of the staff that we’ve happily encountered. They treat us like family friends.
    Following Covid19 rules TO THE ‘T’ and still taking care of their staff. The ambience is welcoming, friendly, casual and comfortable. And … of course … the food and everflowing delicious coffee … fabulous, filling and better than homemade! (We are fans of the Bennys and the chicken fried steak with verde sauce!) Can’t beat it! We are forever loyal customers!

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