Reflecting – 2020’s Bright Side

As the holiday season approaches, it gives us an opportunity to reflect back as well as to look forward. By any measure, 2020 has been a difficult year. No one needs to be reminded of the havoc and sorrow created by COVID, but there were good moments too and it is important for us to take a moment to celebrate all of the positives in our lives and community.

From a personal standpoint, I understand this dichotomy of emotions—of sadness and joy. When our daughter, Brooklyn, died tragically this past Easter, we were heartbroken. However, the outpouring of love and support that we received, filled our hearts with warmth that we live in such a caring community.

Similarly, our community can find happiness in the many positives that have occurred in Prescott this past year. These accomplishments will enhance our lives in the coming years. For me, the top three are:

Preservation of the Dells: After three years of hard work, the City of Prescott has a Letter of Intent with Arizona Eco Development to acquire approximately 475 prime acres of land that will include the iconic Point of Rocks. Once details are finalized, this land will be owned by the City and belong to our community—securing forever our most valuable natural landmark.

Enhancement of Prescott Regional Airport: Named Arizona’s ‘Airport of the Year’ by the Arizona Department of Transportation Aeronautics Group, Prescott Regional Airport broke ground on a new $15 million terminal that will be completed in the Spring of 2021. In addition, the land to expand the current runway will be deeded to the City of Prescott by Arizona Eco Development as part of the Letter of Intent to preserve the Dells. This will provide the flexibility to expand the facilities at the airport as needed. The modernization of the airport is a vital component of a vibrant community.

Granite Creek Corridor Master Plan: This historic district in downtown is getting the attention it justly deserves. In January of 2021, the new Hilton Garden Inn will open and the improvements to the Granite Creek Corridor will begin in the first quarter. What was once an eyesore, will become another Prescott ‘jewel’. Whether you take a stroll along the creek or enjoy a meal at one of the nearby restaurants, this revitalized area will become one of your favorites!

The month of December brings us the all the joy of the holiday season and gives us moments and memories to treasure. As Arizona’s Christmas City, Prescott will provide you and your family with the sights, sounds, and events to celebrate the positives in all of our lives. From all of us at the City, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, a healthy and happy holiday season and all of the best as we ring in 2021.


Mayor Greg Mengarelli

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