Opinion – Who to Believe: The Media or Your Lying Eyes

In 2016, virtually all of the polls, news and social media predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election by a landslide. A close inspection of Trump rallies in comparison with Clinton gatherings and speeches showed a vast disparity between the size and enthusiasm of the two standard bearers. Trump’s campaign rallies were large, loud and exuberant. Hillary’s were tepid and unenthusiastic. It is recorded that Clinton supposedly won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college vote.

Fast forward to this year and even with the plague of the coronavirus, Trump’s rallies seemed more enthusiastic and more frequent. On the rare occasions when Joe Biden ventured from his basement, his gatherings were minuscule, socially distanced and orchestrated. At President Trump’s numerous press conferences, the antagonistic so-called news correspondents, asked loaded or gotcha type questions that the President responded to. The few times Joe Biden allowed reporters to ask questions, they were softball inquiries from handpicked reporters.

For years, it has been a running joke about voter fraud in Chicago. “Vote early and often.” “My uncle died in 1970 and has voted in every election since then.” These jokes exposed what everyone already knew, that the Democrat political machine in Chicago would never allow a fair election. This fraud appears to have metastasized to most urban areas where the Democrats are in control.

The Democrats all over the country have done everything in their power to ensure the voter fraud could be made easier. They oppose voter ID checks. They encourage vote harvesting. The Democrats want to lower the voter age to 16 and expand the right to vote to convicted felons, even those still in prison. They encourage illegal immigration and push voting by illegal immigrants. Why do they do this? Because they can’t win a fair election with legal voters. Their problem is that most 16 year-olds’, most felons and most illegal immigrants still won’t vote. The solution to that leftist problem is to have someone else fill in their ballots.

That is what looks like happened with a lot of mail-in ballots that were never requested and also with ballot harvesting. Whenever the issue of voter fraud is brought up, the left wing party and media declare at the top of their lungs, that there is no evidence of voter fraud. They are never in favor of any investigation of these claims. Of course, there is never any evidence of any wrongdoing of anything without an investigation.

All of the lawsuits filed by the Trump lawyers and Sidney Powell in contested states will provide the investigations into voter fraud that the public should have demanded over the last half a century or more. It would seem to stretch the bounds of the most vivid imagination to believe that Joe Biden could win in oil producing states like Pennsylvania, after he said he would ban fracking and then claimed he never said it. Or, that vote counting would stop in some states, (for the first time in our history), when President Trump is ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes and when the counting resumes the next day, Biden is ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes. Regardless of the outcome of these lawsuits, voter fraud needs to be thoroughly investigated and stopped wherever it is found and those found to have committed it should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

In the end, one has to decide whether to believe a deceitful, hateful, anti-Trump press that has resisted his lawful election since 2016, or believe one’s own eyes that shows the President’s popularity.


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