Working out is a family affair!!!

Travis Bonifay has been a Prescott YMCA Member for 18 years working with awesome personal trainers like Mary, Nino and Caleb.

Travis was injured in an automobile accident when he was young and is truly a walking miracle. He sustained a traumatic head injury which resulted in the loss of both short term and long-term memory. In addition, the injury caused him to lose the sight on the right side of each eye. He remained in a coma for 30 days, during which time he suffered a stroke. Upon release from ICU he was admitted to a rehabilitation facility to participate in physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. This extended from months to years. Through all this Travis maintained a positive outlook on life, never complaining and happy to be alive. He must workout regularly to keep his body mobile and loves to workout at the Y, so during the shutdown he would exercise on his own and inspired his parents to do the same.

Travis’ parents Jan and Dan joined him at the YMCA 5 years ago after realizing they should join in rather than just dropping him off and picking him up. It truly is a family affair. During the shutdown they really missed the routine workout and seeing Y friends. The first day the Y re-opened, all 3 were at the door ready to get back to work. They love the Y for the people, the clean equipment, friendly staff, staff on duty to answer questions, and meeting others who want to feel younger, be motivated and in shape.

Not only does Travis and his family love the Y, but Members and staff love Travis’s positive attitude as he greets everyone with a smile and a hearty hello. He is a great inspiration to everyone he meets. Here are a few things our staff have to say about him: “I see Travis working out in our fitness center at least three times per week.   He comes in and gets right to work warming up on his own first, then he works with his trainers who guise him through his exercises.  The fact that he inspired his parents to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle says a lot about Travis and his ability to inspire others.”  “Travis is an inspiration to all of us,” says Damon Olsen, YMCA CEO.

Mary Byrne, Health & Wellness Director said, “Every day when Travis comes to the Y, he always has a smile on his face.  Even though he works hard with his trainers here, you can still hear his familiar laugh in the Fitness Center.  He is a joy and one of the members that makes our jobs at the Y so rewarding.”

Denise Dalke, Member Services Staff has known Travis for over 15 years. She said, “Travis always comes in with a positive attitude and smile and looks forward to seeing the other members and staff.” “For me personally, Travis always makes my day with his ‘Howdy’ and small trivial conversations and of course his big smile!” The Y wouldn’t be the YMCA without Travis.”

“Travis’ dedication and hard work is inspirational. He shows up for every training session and works hard to keep himself active and healthy. Not only that, but every time I see Travis he’s always in a great mood and will always take the time to say hello or good morning. That kind of positivity and work ethic is why I consider him an inspirational figure,” said Ryan Harlow, Membership Director.

For more information on the mission of the YMCA or our Health and Wellness programs, please contact Mary Byrne, Health & Wellness Director at

About James Family Prescott YMCA

The James Family Prescott YMCA is a community within a community serving our diverse population in the quad-city area. As a leading nonprofit organization, the YMCA exists to strengthen the foundation of the community. The YMCA has served the local communities in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Dewey/Humboldt since 1974; offering over 60 health, wellness and community programs within the four-building facility.

The YMCA is dedicated to providing affordable programs and services to benefit people of all incomes and backgrounds. Thanks to the generous support of those who donate to the Y’s Annual Campaign and other fundraising events, financial assistance is available to those who cannot afford the full fee and qualify for assistance.

The YMCA aims to provide each member with every opportunity to reach farther and improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Through Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility, the YMCA’s goal is to inspire positive and lasting social change. For more information visit

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