Changes in Services due to Covid 19 increases

The Prescott Police Department is continuing to monitor the on-going efforts to slow or combat the Coronavirus Pandemic and we remain committed to our mission to protect our community, maintain public safety and enforce the law. As first responders we continue to be on the front line of emerging public health concerns; this includes including infectious disease. We meet these hazards by utilizing best practices to mitigate our risk in any situation that we encounter. It is absolutely essential to help keep our community safe while taking reasonable measures to keep first responders healthy and available to provide the service that you deserve.

With all of this in mind effective immediately, the Prescott Police Department has implemented the following preventative measures while we continue to monitor the evolving situation:

  •  The lobby of the Prescott Police Department will be closed to the public into the foreseeable future.
  • We strongly encourage people to use alternative methods of reporting crime in lieu of coming to the police department in person. Options include on line reporting via our website as well as speaking to an officer by phone. The online reporting is limited to certain types of crimes so please look over the forms to see if the crime you are reporting qualifies for that type of reporting.…/repo…/citizen-online-reporting/.
  • As officers take information over the phone they will make the best decision regarding the severity of the crime and solvability related to any on scene follow up that may be needed such as photographs or collection of potential evidence. If you need a copy of a police report you may call our Records Section during regular business hours to request the report at 777-1988, once we obtain the copy we will provide that report via email or standard mail.
  • If you have property that you need to retrieve from the Police Department we ask that you call the Records Section at (928) 777-1988 and ask to speak with one of our Property and Evidence technicians to schedule an appointment to pick up your items.

Finally, as we will continue to evaluate the situation, working with Government and Law Enforcement partners, we will adjust our protocols and response plan as appropriate. We are committed to you, members of our community during these unprecedented and challenging times.

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