November 26, 2020


Working out is a family affair!!!

Travis Bonifay has been a Prescott YMCA Member for 18 years working with awesome personal trainers like Mary, Nino and Caleb. Travis was injured in an automobile accident when he was young and is truly a walking miracle. He sustained a traumatic head injury which resulted in the loss of both short term and long-term


Opinion: Can We Be Thankful in 2020?

This year, 2020, has presented us all with unique challenges. It is a year that is sure to stand unparalleled in American history and around the world. Just consider this limited list of what has filled the headlines: Families have lost loved ones, jobs and business due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. A

Legal Beat

Changes in Services due to Covid 19 increases

The Prescott Police Department is continuing to monitor the on-going efforts to slow or combat the Coronavirus Pandemic and we remain committed to our mission to protect our community, maintain public safety and enforce the law. As first responders we continue to be on the front line of emerging public health concerns; this includes including


Yavapai College reverts to ‘Red Phase’ of COVID-19 re-entry plan beginning 11/30

Yavapai College has announced that the College will revert to the ‘red phase’ of its COVID-19 re-entry plan when the College returns from Thanksgiving break on Monday, November 30 through Sunday, December 6. College leadership will meet each Friday through the remainder of the fall semester to determine which phase the College will operate in


Opinion: From The Right: Still Plenty of Reasons for Conservatives to Be Thankful

Lockdowns for churchgoers but not protesters. Election fraud. Media bias and social media censorship that’s been worse than ever. You name it — there are plenty of reasons for conservatives to be down right now. But there are many more reasons to be hopeful. Like a phoenix, conservatives will rise from the ashes. The silver

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