Freedom Is A Dangerous Thing

Freedom is a risky concept. It has its advantages. Without it, human progress is greatly impaired. Freedom enables those willing to take chances, to try things others fear to do, whether in business, sports or life in general. But it is fraught with unforeseen pitfalls and turns. The timid will be afraid to attempt to try new ideas for fear of bankruptcy, embarrassment or injury, but those bold enough to try and fail, will learn from their mistakes and improve on whatever endeavor they attempt. This is the essence of real progress, not the kind the political movement is misnamed for.

Freedom is dangerous to many of those in power because they see it as a challenge to their authority. Those that value power over principle seek to limit or destroy freedom. The best tool in their arsenal against freedom is fear. That is how tyrants, dictators, bureaucrats and oligarchs throughout the ages have gained and maintained their power. Fear forces compliance in the meek, the passive and the otherwise apathetic.

In 2020 A.D., the greatest infringement on our freedom since the birth of our nation has been the exploitation of the fear of the Chinese pandemic used by many of our leaders. With the closing of non-essential businesses, schools, restaurants, bars, and churches, we have given up many of our God-given rights. With mandatory lock downs of otherwise healthy people, we have given up our freedom of movement. Freedom to practice our religion.  With state mandated “social distancing” we have willingly given up our right to associate with whom we want, when we want. We have surrendered our natural inclination for human contact; to hug and shake hands with our friends and relatives. When we labor under enforced edicts that demand that we wear masks, even outdoors, we have relinquished the pure joy of smiling at someone and seeing them return the smile.

The elected despots who produce these tyrannical codes push new ones that are so silly that they are hard to believe. They do this to see how far they can push the people before the people start pushing back. When the governor of our most populous state, tells his citizens that they should wear masks in restaurants and only lift the mask up when they are putting food in their mouths, most everyone thinks that the whole state capital has become an institute for the insane. Some have suggested that we limit our Thanksgiving dinner to ten people or cancel it altogether. The same with Christmas.

At the birth of our country, Patrick Henry was speaking for most patriots when he said, “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me Liberty or give me death.” Today, it seems like many whiny Americans are begging for isolation, masks and government proscribed solutions to be placed on everyone. It seems we have become the government’s children, toddlers even, and must be treated as such.

How about this: treat us like adults. We can read, hear and watch all of the conflicting information about this virus. We should know if we’re in a high risk group and act accordingly. The rest of us should be able to go out in public without masks. We should be able to shake hands and hug those willing friends and relatives. Those who are afraid of being contaminated by those who aren’t wearing masks or socially distancing, should self lock down themselves until they feel safe or until someone invents a biospheric bubble suit that will allay their fear enough that they can feel safe to go out in public.


3 thoughts on “Freedom Is A Dangerous Thing”

  1. This seems very ignorant… I apologize, but I can’t believe this is a news source. It’s not about rights; it never was. It’s about keeping people safe. The pandemic is not a joke, and a small smile can always be replaced with a nice comment. And the whole thing about fearing about getting contaminated is also a bit misleading. The real issue is contaminating others without knowing. People can be asymptomatic, and if they’re not wearing their masks because it’s their “freedom,” they risk putting those around them in danger. The mask is a form of respect for others; you acknowledge the situation at hand, and wear a single piece of cloth in an attempt to show that you care about your community’s safety.

    1. It is amazing the “anonymous” calls my column ignorant when it is obviously an opinion piece. Experts are all over the place on whether masks have any effect on spreading the virus, especially outdoors. We were originally told a lock down would be for 2 weeks so that our hospitals wouldn’t be swamped with Covid patients. Then it was extended and extended. If the first lock down worked, why do we need another one. And if it didn’t work, why do we need another lock down. Masks are NOT a form of respect for others, but a form of surrendering to a fear that is government generated. If you are a member of one of the “at risk” groups, I respect that. Stay at home. If you are a sheep, wear a mask in public or stay at home. I can read all about the risks and I am willing to go in public without a mask or the fear wearing one represents.

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