Vehicle Rescue on Old Senator Rd

On Sunday morning Prescott Fire Department was called to rescue a woman in her 70’s that had driven off the side of the road along Old Senator Road.  The woman had gone off the roadway and nearly rolled down a 100-foot high angle embankment to the drainage below.  Fortunately for the driver, the undercarriage of the car caught on a concrete culvert but still remained precariously balanced.  A resident of the neighborhood secured his Jeep to the car to help keep it in place while awaiting the arrival of firefighters.

The first arriving fire engine was able to soundly secure the car to nearby trees using their engine’s technical rescue equipment and Rescue 42 components, which are materials specifically intended for vehicle stabilization.  With the vehicle held in place, the crew was able to assist the limited mobility patient from the vehicle as well as her three dogs.  Neighbors returned the uninjured woman to her nearby home while the engine remained on scene until Tri City Towing successfully removed the car from the ledge.

While not an issue for today’s event, the impending cold and wet weather should remind everyone of the need to ready our vehicles for the winter months ahead.  In addition to keeping a set of tire chains or cables in the vehicle, folks should consider keeping a box of useful supplies available in the event of their vehicle becoming disabled.  Items to consider including: flashlight, batteries, water, snack foods, warm blankets, spare warm clothing, gloves, heat packs, jumper cables, road flares, folding shovel, and non-clumping kitty litter or bag of sand to help with traction.

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