Opinion: What Do We Do Now?

Because of the election on Tuesday and since the results are being contested, this column wasn’t started until Thursday, November 5, 2020. Some of the cable so-called news channels announced that Arizona and a few other states were won by former Vice President Joe Biden before all the votes were counted. There are still several hundred thousand votes to be counted in Arizona. In other states, there are questions regarding voter fraud. It was reported that one vote counter in Philadelphia was caught throwing out 150 ballots that were cast for President Trump.

Now the lawyers are taking over. Lawsuits are being filed by both sides and our election results will be decided in the state, federal and ultimately the US Supreme Court. Many across the political spectrum are lamenting that the political process is winding up in the courts. They shouldn’t. Our election laws and practices have been suspect at all levels for a very long time.

One of our most unique and precious rights we possess, is the right to choose who will serve to govern us. While those on the left whine about there being no proof of voter fraud, they ignore the many successful prosecutions across our country. They dismiss the latest Project Veritas videos exposing vast voter fraud in Texas as biased and heavily censured. While they ignore evidence that points to voter fraud, they want to further dilute the vote of legitimate voters by allowing illegal aliens and felons still in prison to vote.

If the so-called progressives thought they could win elections with legal voters, then they would have no problem with voter identification requirements, signature verification and the denial of counting votes cast after the election date. These are all lawful policies that suppress voter fraud. The only logical reason to oppose these actions is a desire to promote voter fraud.

To get back to this election, there isn’t much we can do right now except wait for the courts to come to a just verdict. There is a much greater chance of that happening since Trump has appointed so many Constitutionalist judges and justices to the federal judiciary. In the meantime, we should contact all of our elected officials at all levels and of both parties and demand that they address the problems of voter fraud, outdated voter rolls and possible hacking of our electoral system by anyone. We should not allow them to kick this down the road past the next election or the one after that.

Violations of these new and existing elections laws should be punished by mandatory and lengthy prison sentences and large fines. The sanctity of our individual votes is too important not to be protected by the strictest laws.

Thomas Jefferson stated, “We in America do not have government by the majority – we have government by the majority who participate.” When we allow and tolerate voter fraud and the expansion of the franchise to those who are not permitted to vote legally, we have a government by the corrupt and the will of the people is thwarted.