Creationists To Discuss Science and the Bible

The  Prescott chapter of the Arizona Origin Science Association (AzOSA)  has  announced that Jay Seegert,  nationally recognized speaker on Creation Science will give a talk on the scientific evidence for creation at the next AzOSA  meeting on Sunday  afternoon, November 8th.

Mr. Seegert will address the question of belief  in the Biblical account of creation and other events recorded in the Bible and whether or not there is scientific evidence supporting those beliefs.  While it may be “politically incorrect”  to accept scripture as literally true,  Creationists deny there is any conflict between science and the Biblical account of the origin of life and other events recorded in the Bible.  Creationists argue for a much younger earth than theorized by modern science  and dispute the  dating systems and time lines which are  foundational  to  the various theories of evolution.  Although those theories are widely taught in high  school and college textbooks,  Creation Scientists  argue that they remain theories unsupported key principles of science.  In short,  creation science brings the scientific method to bear in their critique of evolutionary theory and in support of scripture.

The talk will be presented Sunday afternoon, November 8th, at 4:30pm,  at the Liberty Baptist Church,  3100 Williamson Valley Road,  Prescott,  Arizona.

Mr. Seegert is the managing director of the Starting Point Project and holds degrees in Physics and Engineering Technology.  He serves on the Board of Directors for Logos Research Associates and has been a recognized speaker for Creation Science Ministries for many years.

For those who are new to Creation Science or just curious to learn what it’s about,  this event is an excellent opportunity to learn about  the science underlying creationism.  Contrary to the arguments of secularists that   creation science is  anti-science and a form of anti-intellectualism,   those holding creationist views include many credentialed  professional  scientists, often holding advanced degrees from accredited universities.  They accept  modern principles of science.  However, in doing so, they bring  the scientific method to bear  on the assumptions of evolutionary theory, and widely accepted  assumptions used by secular scientists in measuring space and time and the dating of  events recorded in the Bible.

Mr. Seegert’s  talk is free and open to the public.  He will be available for questions after his talk.   Skeptics,  agnostics,   students   and  seekers of truth  are cordially invited to attend.