Deceit Propelled Marijuana Measure – A statement from AZHPS Chair, Lisa James

[File this under sore losers – Editor]

“It is a sad day, not just because Arizona, especially Arizona’s children, will suffer the consequences of legalizing recreational marijuana – but also because Prop 207 was borne out of deceit and self-interest. The marijuana industry misled voters in order to pass this self-serving measure. This un-elected group of wealthy marijuana insiders wrote the rules for their new industry and almost singlehandedly financed the proposition with one goal in mind; they get rich while Arizonans pay the price.

They told voters Prop 207 is only for adults, when teen use is highest in states with legalized recreational marijuana. They told us it would eliminate the black market, when the opposite has been well established. They told voters it would reform the criminal justice system, when less than .3% of those incarcerated in Arizona are there only for marijuana possession charges. They told voters it would raise revenue for colleges and infrastructure, but marijuana use derails students and results in lower academic achievements. They promised us millions in marijuana revenue, but Colorado spends far more on marijuana related expenses than it brings in through marijuana taxes.

Prop 207 was always about big money for big marijuana companies.

Going forward, parents especially must be on guard to protect their children from the dangers of widespread availability of marijuana. Arizonans must get on the road with a heightened sense of caution. Business owners must begin learning how they will keep their businesses, customers, and employees safe under the constraints Prop 207 creates.

The successful passage of Prop 207 sends a dangerous message to others who would exploit Arizona voters in an effort to line their own pockets. Prop 207 may have won, but Arizonans lost.”

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3 thoughts on “Deceit Propelled Marijuana Measure – A statement from AZHPS Chair, Lisa James”

  1. Lisa James thinks that Arizona voters are too stupid to look at the facts and decide for themselves. But that is the attitude of prohibitionists in general: people are too stupid to make their own choices, so big government will choose for them.

    But the people have spoken! People looked at both sides of the argument, and they chose (by a margin of 6 to 4) to vote for liberty and freedom of choice. Get over it Lisa!

  2. 545,000 people signed their name saying they wanted AZ to vote on this issue.
    She wanted it removed from the ballot and appealed it for misleading information.
    Judge Smith reviewed the case and addressed each of her concerns. He rejected the appeal and stated this was something that should be voted on.

    A 60% majority voted they want to implement this for their state but none of that matters to her.
    What she wants is more important than 60% of Arizona’s population.

    She wrote a sob story that her brother started using weed in high school and switched to CRACK and became a career criminal who has spent half of his life in jail or rehab.
    So because her brother is a convict and crackhead it should be illegal for functioning adults..
    Ive read court transcripts from my county and they still arrest people for having a tiny amount then offer probation + drug classes in lieu of jail or prison…

    Oh and the surrounding states already own many weed billboards in AZ informing you recreational is just a short drive away in ca or nv
    Somehow the local youth are still functioning.

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