Election Day 2020: From the Prescott Police Department

The Prescott Police Department would like to take this opportunity to reach out to our community prior to Election Day to provide information and assure our community that we are dedicated to protecting our democracy.  Our Department is fully committed to fair and impartial policing on Election Day.  Our officers perform their duties impartially and without regard for political affiliation every day- Election Day is no exception.  We have provided training about the importance of nonpartisan policing on Election Day and we hold our officers to these standards and to reflect our values: Integrity, courage, accountability, respect and excellence.

Our goal throughout the election process has been to secure every person’s right to vote safely and without fear.  We have been in close communication with our election officials in Yavapai County and our partner law enforcement agencies to learn of any plans to impede voters, and our goal is to respond to those swiftly if they occur.  We have no credible information at this time that any groups or individuals plan to interfere with Election Day in Prescott.

We are very proud to serve our community and it is our responsibility to protect our democracy by providing a safe, fair and free democratic election day in Prescott.  We will only take enforcement action as necessary to preserve life and safety, or to stop acts that are dangerous, or clearly intimidating.  In doing so, we will work diligently and professionally to preserve everyone’s First Amendment rights, their right to vote and their right to exercise both of them fairly and safely.

On Election Day we would like to remind our community that there are laws specific to polling places that are in place to protect the right to vote safely and fairly.  Arizona law prohibits certain activities and actions within 75 feet of a polling place while the polls are open for voting.  Entering an election polling place on the day of an election with a firearm is a violation of Misconduct Involving Weapons and is a Class 1 Misdemeanor.  Other violations that can occur within the 75 foot limit on election day pertain to interfering with a voter, campaigning for or against a particular candidate, destroying ballots, removing or destroying supplies or conveniences furnished to enable a voter to prepare their ballot and hindering the voting or other.  Some of these violations are felony crimes.

If you see any violations you can call our non-emergency line at (928) 445-3131.  Any concerns that you may have regarding the polling places or the election can be directed to the Yavapai County Elections Department at (928) 771-3244 or the Attorney General’s Office at (602) 319-4577 or (602) 542-4853.

The Prescott Police Department is committed to a safe and orderly Election Day, where everyone eligible to vote can cast a ballot.  We are here to ensure your safety on Election Day and we are proud to protect and serve a very important person: the American voter!

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