Theft and Damage to Political or Campaign Signs

The Prescott Police Department would like to remind our community that there are crimes associated with the removal or destruction of political signs that are on private property throughout our City.

During an election year it is very common that people report that signs have been stolen, damaged or removed from the ground at various locations.  Although this year we have not seen an increase in these crimes we have taken reports related to damage of several political signs in the area.

Typically, Theft or Criminal Damage of a political campaign sign is a misdemeanor offense which carries with it a potential fine and/or jail time and in some cases the value of the sign or the amount of signs damaged or stolen can lead to a felony crime.

In addition, if you enter or remain on someone else’s property without their permission with the intent to commit a theft or a felony you are considered to be trespassing and can be arrested or issued a citation to appear in court.

Many of you have most likely seen that nationwide there have been reported issues with unknown people leaving fliers, cards, posters or stickers containing inflammatory or threatening messages in nature.  Depending on the content of those items this also may be a hate crime under  Arizona law.  Please report any unwanted or unsolicited items that may be left at your home or on your vehicle to the police department.

We ask that during the next few weeks of this campaign season that all members of our community refrain from damaging or removing any campaign signs and we ask that anyone who witnesses such acts to please call the Prescott Police Department non emergency number at (928) 445-3131 and report the incident.

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