Prescott Center for the Arts Presents a Virtual Ghost Talk – The Experience

Prescott Center for the Arts (PCA) is excited to bring you Ghost Talk – the Experience with a twist. The 13th annual event will provide patrons a virtual night of terror on October 30th, 2020 at 7pm. This ghostly encounter is an annual fundraiser for local youth art programming and scholarships at PCA. The Prescott tradition of, where haunting legends come alive, has changed over the years, and Ghost Talk 2020 is no exception.

This year, Ghost Talk – the Experience is more than a theatrical stage of ghosts or a walking tour around our historical grounds. As a patron you will have the opportunity to watch bone chilling tales of the dead right at home. The adventure will start with contests throughout October (decorating, make up, costumes) and end in a compilation of frightening stories from around Yavapai County and beyond. The accounts vary from the fictional writing of a budding creative playwright to a factual interpretation based on authentic events and people from historians. You get to decide what is based on the truth and what is a creepy trick! There will be spooky surprises, interactive encounters, and a new understanding of the fables that inspire the horror, science fiction, and thriller genres we have today.

Ghost Talk – the Experience will be a fun time for you, your family, and friends. The best part is all stories will be produced as a short movie for you by community actors. In fact, you probably know some of them. How do you want to celebrate Ghost Talk to make it even more experiential? Maybe a romantic date night, a friendly movie night marathon, or a full on spooky party or dinner. It is all up to you on how you like to commune with the dead.

Executive Director, Robyn Allen said, “Ghost Talk is a great way to engage our community and raise money for our need-based and merit-based scholarships as well as funding for our classes, competitions, and shows. The arts provide more than self-confidence to a child as it boosts their academics and social skills. And, all children with or without the financial means deserve the opportunity to experience it. Your support helps to make it happen.”

Go here to get your tickets.

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