Structure Fire at 600 Block Legacy Trail, in Prescott

On Wednesday, October 14th,  at about 11 AM, Prescott Regional Communications Center started to receive 911 calls about a structure fire in the 600 block of Legacy Trail in Prescott. When initial arriving units came on scene they found a 3,000 square-foot two-story residential structure with heavy smoke in both the second floor and also the attic. It was reported that a construction worker was doing hot work in the attic and accidentally caught some spray foam insulation on fire. Visibility was very difficult for the firefighters in both the attic and second story while access was via a long shared driveway making access even more difficult. Three Prescott Fire engines along with one CAFMA Engine, a battalion chief, Prescott Police Dept., Lifeline Ambulance and Prescott Fire Dept.’s utility truck were all on scene.  The fire was ultimately contained with the use of a small pressurized water/foam extinguisher. Most of the fire units were on scene for about two hours and the last unit cleared the structure fire at about 1 PM.

Even though this house had functional smoke detectors, it’s very important to make sure that your home has a complete set of smoke detectors placed in the proper areas. Batteries should be changed at least once a year and no better time than the holidays to give your home and your family a gift of safety.

Photo courtesy of Prescott Fire Chief Dennis Light.

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