First Lady Melania Trump on substance abuse prevention

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and the entire Trump Administration are committed to a nationwide effort to break the hold of addiction.

“This month, we pause to remember the lives lost to addiction, and recommit to protecting all Americans—particularly our nation’s young people—from the devastating effects drugs can have on them and their loved ones,” the President wrote in his proclamation.

To fight opioid misuse, a growing epidemic when President Trump took office, the President declared a Public Health Emergency in 2017 and signed the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act into law. His Administration also strengthened the Drug‑Free Communities program, which offers grants to prevent youth substance abuse.

Amid the global Coronavirus pandemic, it is especially important to be aware of how prolonged isolation can affect mental health and result in the misuse of both legal and illegal substances. Through community-based efforts, the Trump Administration is strengthening the support systems that keep our young people free from drugs—including helping more school districts safely return students to the classroom.

To watch Melania Trump’s comments on substance abuse, click HERE.

Read the Proclamation on National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

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1 thought on “First Lady Melania Trump on substance abuse prevention”

  1. Carol Anne Benack

    It’s very sad all the young lives lost to substance abuse. That said, there is NO “Opioid Epidemic.” What there IS, is an “Illicit Substances Epidemic.” I’m 54, was a hard working American for many years. I have a myriad of complex extremely painful diseases for 26 years now. Please, it’s up to the White House to fix the misconceptions and the very widely used term opioid, which has been drilled in the ears of America’s General Public. I’m tired of explaining to my 81 year old Aunt/Godmother why it is that her long time addict granddaughter is having problems and relapsing again and again. Why that same Illicit “opioid” hurts her . Why it is the medication Rx Opiates that were so cruelly taken from me after 19 years of effective/safe treatment. The War of Drugs did not begin as Pres. Trump was taking office. Nancy Regan was the founder of the “Just Say No “campaign.

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