Arizona Leaders Express Concern on Marijuana

When Arizonans begin early voting this week, they will be asked to consider Proposition 207, a sweeping 17-page initiative to legalize recreational marijuana that will have significant consequences for Arizona’s kids, road safety, employers, and economy. Arizona’s leaders and experts concur with this assessment.

“Arizona has a bright future, but fully legalized marijuana doesn’t need to be part of it,” Governor Doug Ducey said in a statement to voters. “We know from states that have fully legalized marijuana that it has real consequences: more deaths on highways caused by high drivers, dramatic increases in teen drug use, and more newborns exposed to marijuana.”

Former U.S. Senator Jon Kyl urged Arizonans to join him in voting no. “During my years in public service I had the opportunity to hear from our business and law enforcement leaders, and of course, the Arizonans I was elected to represent,” Senator Kyl said. “Law enforcement and employers alike are very concerned with the impaired drivers and impaired workforce that go hand in hand with recreational marijuana.” He believes “Prop 207 will change us and not for the better.”

According to the Arizona Medical Association (ArMA), Prop 207 “is not in the best interest of patient safety or public health and is fraught with unintended consequences.” In a statement, ArMA President, Dr. Ross Goldberg said that “voter approved initiatives must provide sound data behind their efforts,” and said Prop 207 “is not safe for Arizona.”

Maricopa County Sheriff, Paul Penzone, has said this about marijuana. “When it comes to the roadways, when it comes to doctors or professionals who may be impaired, that gives me cause for concern.”

Opposition to Proposition 207 is growing and includes some of Arizona’s foremost leaders and organizations in government, business, health care, law enforcement, substance abuse prevention, and faith.


  • Doug Ducey – Governor, State of Arizona
  • Kimberly Yee – Arizona State Treasurer
  • Jon Kyl – Former U.S. Senator
  • Andy Biggs – Congressman, AZ-05
  • Paul Gosar – Congressman, AZ-04
  • Debbie Lesko – Congresswoman, AZ-08
  • John Shadegg – Former Congressman
  • Karen Fann – Senate President, Arizona State Senator District 1
  • Russell W. Bowers – Speaker of the House, Arizona State Representative, Legislative District 25
  • Sylvia Allen – Arizona State Senator, Legislative District 6
  • Nancy Barto – Arizona State Representative, Legislative District 15
  • Walter Blackman – Arizona State Representative, Legislative District 6
  • Paul Boyer – Arizona State Senator, Legislative District 20
  • John Fillmore – Arizona State Representative, Legislative District 16
  • Rick Gray – Arizona State Senator, Legislative District 21
  • John Kavanagh – Arizona State Representative, Legislative District 23
  • Sine Kerr – Arizona State Senator, Legislative District 13
  • Vince Leach – Arizona State Senator, Legislative District 11
  • Warren Petersen – House Majority Leader, Arizona State Representative, Legislative District 12
  • Steve Pierce – Arizona State Representative, Legislative District 1
  • Bob Thorpe – Arizona State Representative, Legislative District 6
  • Linda Gray – Former Arizona State Senator
  • Preston “PJ” Allred – Graham County Sheriff
  • Jim Driscoll – Coconino County Sheriff
  • Tony Estrada – Santa Cruz County Sheriff
  • Barbara LaWall – Pima County Attorney
  • Mark Lamb – Pinal County Sheriff
  • Scott Mascher – Yavapai County Sheriff
  • Sheila Polk – Yavapai County Attorney
  • William Ring – Coconino County Attorney
  • Adam Shepherd – Gila County Sheriff
  • Doug Shuster – Mohave County Sheriff
  • Karrin Taylor Robson – Founder & President, Arizona Strategies
  • Cathi Herrod – President, Center for Arizona Policy


  • Arizona Medical Association
  • Ann-Marie Alameddin – President and CEO, Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association
  • Dale Guthrie – Pediatrician, Gilbert Pediatrics
  • Ed Gogek, M.D. – Board-Certified Psychiatrist
  • Mary Rimsza, MD, FAAP – Advocacy Committee Chair, Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Richard H. Rutkowski, M.D.


  • Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Arizona Free Enterprise Club
  • East Valley Partnership
  • Greater Phoenix Chamber
  • Southern Arizona Leadership Council
  • Glenn Hamer – President and CEO, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry


  • Arizona County Attorneys Association
  • Arizona Gang Investigators Association
  • Arizona Narcotic Officers Association
  • Arizona State Troopers Association
  • Arizona Sheriffs Association
  • Phil Hawk – Executive Director, Arizona Narcotic Officers Association
  • Todd Griffith – Forensic Scientist and Retired Director of the Dept. of Public Safety, Statewide, Crime Laboratory System
  • David Rhodes – Chief Deputy, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office


  • Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana
  • DUID Victim Voices
  • Marijuana Victims Alliance
  • Moms Strong
  • Parents Opposed to Pot
  • Smart Approaches to Marijuana
  • Substance Abuse Leaders of Arizona
  • Merilee Fowler – Executive Director, MATFORCE and Community Counts


  • Arizona Catholic Conference Bishops
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Jon Benzinger – Lead Pastor, Redeemer Bible Church, Gilbert, Arizona
  • The Rev. Canon Steven E. Dart – Pastor of Christ Anglican Church, Carefree, Arizona
  • Ron Johnson, Executive Director, Arizona Catholic Conference
  • Eric Jones – Senior Pastor, Evident Life Church, Gilbert Arizona
  • Mark Martin – Senior Pastor, Calvary Community Church, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Dan Steffen, Pastor, Pure Heart Church, Glendale, Arizona

For a full list of elected officials, individuals, and organizations officially opposing Proposition 207, visit


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  1. Here’s yet another story about the ‘perils’ of legalizing cannabis. Mostly it’s lies. Colorado and Washington State’s accident rate did not go up. This is an NIH study, not some fly-by-night study.

    What I fail to understand is why politicians feel the need to keep on perpetuating the falsehoods about cannabis, legal or illegal. The fact is that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol. It has proven medical benefits and social benefits.

    The only reason cannabis was ever made illegal was one word; Racism. Politicians who continue to oppose legalization are not only keeping racism alive, but are acting as racists themselves. It’s time for this bull-cookie political posturing to stop.

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