Highway 69 Republican Club to Host Discussion of Candidates and Voter Initiatives

Steve Irwin,  President of the Highway 69 Republican and Conservative Club has announced the program for their upcoming meeting,  Wednesday,  September 30, 6 pm,  in the Crystal Room of the Prescott Valley Library.  This special meeting will host a “celebrity panel”  of local political figures and commentators who will discuss the policies and programs advocated by  candidates who were successful in the August primary and will appear  on the November 3rd ballot.  They will also be reviewing local school bonds and budget overrides as well as Propositions 207 and 208.

Donna Tanzi,  President of the Yavapai County Republican Party,  (YAVGOP),  will make a special presentation on Republican voter outreach efforts in the closing weeks of the campaign.  She is expected to name the recipients of YAVGOP’s first ever direct financial contributions to candidate campaigns.  YAVGOP endorses and supports all Republican candidates in the general election.  However, not all candidates have opposition or are in competitive races.   This year the Executive Committee has identified nine candidates to receive direct financial  support from YAVGOP.

Members of the “celebrity panel”  invited to speak include Prescott City Councilman Phil Goode,  former Prescott City Councilman and  member elect for the Yavapai College Board,  Chris Kuknyo,  and Prescott Talks podcast host,  Glenn Martin.  Also  invited to speak on Prop 207 is local attorney and former member of the Arizona House Judiciary Committee,  David Stringer,  who will offer an analysis of the controversial proposal to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona.

Steve Irwin,  a long time member of the Yavapai Community College Governing Board,  refounded the Highway 69 Republican and Conservative Club in December 2019. Following a brief hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have resumed monthly meetings in the Crystal Room of the Prescott Valley Public Library.  The meeting will begin at 6 pm on Wednesday evening,  September 30th.    Members of the general public seeking information about the candidates and voter initiatives appearing on the ballot in the November 3rd election are cordially invited to attend.

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