Candidate for GOP State Chairman to Speak in Prescott

The Yavapai County chapter of Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic (ConCR) will host Bob Lettieri, candidate for GOP State Chairman at their upcoming meeting this Saturday, September 26,  1 pm at the VFW in Prescott Valley.  Mr. Lettieri,  a favorite of conservatives and constitutionalists,  has served as the GOP State Treasurer since 2017.  He is an advocate of “systemic change”  in the Arizona Republican party to move it in a more conservative direction.  This meeting should be of particular interest to Republican activists and  State Committeeman who will be selecting the next Chair of  the  State GOP at the party’s  annual meeting in January 2021.

Mr. Lettieri is a long time Republican activist and Precinct Committeeman. He is a State Committeeman for LD23,  as well as being the Republican party’s State Treasurer.  He describes himself as a pro life and pro family values conservative with a deep commitment to the preservation of religious freedom.  He believes these values are under attack from secularists and cultural Marxists.  His top priority as GOP Chairman will be to rebuild the party from the ground up thru recruitment of precinct committeeman and increasing Republican  voter registration.  His professional background is in finance.  He holds a MBA from Arizona State University.

Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic is a group of conservative activists dedicated to defending and promoting the values of representative government and personal freedom as set forth in the U.S. Constitution. The group is a private organization and is not affiliated with any political party. However, most members are registered Republicans or conservative leaning Independents who are civically engaged or who are current or former elected officials or candidates for office.

ConCR meets monthly at the VFW in Prescott Valley. Doors will be open for the September 26th meeting at  1 pm,  with lunch available from the VFW  menu. The meeting will be called to order at 1:15 pm.  Recent speakers include Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb,  Congressmen Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs,  former Senate Candidate Daniel McCarthy,  former Senate President Russell Pearce,  Republican Senator Elect Wendy Rogers,  and other conservative candidates for state and county offices.

ConCR is a membership organization.  However,  the appearances of guest speakers of high public interest are open to the public.  Admission is free but seating is limited. An RSVP is requested.   ConCR President Jim Dutton advises that “all good conservatives looking for an organization that shares their values are invited to attend.”

The VFW is located at 2375 N 5th Street in Prescott Valley.  RSVP’s should be addressed to

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